Comfortable, lightweight, beautiful, and sustainable: is this how you describe the best travel pants? Well, from now on, you can also use Western Rise as a synonym! We’ve selected the best Western Rise pants that are a must-have for your next trip, and we’ve described every detail so you can be sure you’re making the best choice. Discover which pants better suit you now, and travel with peace of mind with clothes specially designed for male travelers!

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What makes travel pants good?

I’m sure that those who consider jeans good travel pants have never tried any other option. Avid male travelers need flexibility, practicality, and durable pants to follow them on their adventures. Just a decade ago, the only comfortable pants that men would have in their wardrobe would be sweatpants and maybe, just maybe, hiking pants. Luckily, technology has evolved, and now we can find fabrics that are lightweight, comfortable, durable, breathable, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and much more.

Good travel pants will allow you to combine them with several tops and frequent the most different environments. It will let you go from a business meeting to a walk in the park, from a coffee date to a hiking trail, or even from a doctor’s appointment to take a flight.

The best travel pants for men

Here are some models of Western Rise men’s pants that we consider most interesting for your next adventures:

1) AT Pant (🌟Our TOP pick!)

AT Pant - best Travel Pants for men

Style: For exploration and outdoor adventures

Fabric: Stretch nylon canvas fabric (97% Nylon / 3% Spandex, 280gsm)

Colors: Deep Indigo, Blue Gray, Black, Flat Black, Sand, Sage, Dune

Why to have it: All-Terrain men’s travel pants have a durable design, are packable, have a lightweight feel, 2-way stretch, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and are breathable. And good news for those who like to keep things safe in their pockets: it’s a men’s travel pants with zipper pockets.

Technologies: AT Cloth is an incredibly durable woven canvas with precisely the ideal degree of elasticity. Its air-texturized (AT) nylon creates a fabric with a soft hand feel while delivering five times the durability of denim at merely half the weight, making it perfect for men’s travel adventures.

Price: US$138*

Best destinations to visit: Park City (US), Bonito (BR), Argentinian Patagonia

Review: My partner Matthew has tried the Evolution 2.0 and the AT Pants, which are his favorite ones for being super comfortable.

They are comfortable and best fit for my long legs and wide hips. Fit for any number of strenuous or tame outdoor activities. They stretch for climbing and extreme hiking. Extremely versatile. Good style as well.

Matthew M. McDaniel, Musician & Traveler

2) Evolution Chino

Style: Versatile and stylish

Fabric: Resilient 4-way stretch fabric (90% Nylon, 10% Elastane)

Colors: Blue Gray, Black, Navy, Dune

Why to have it: In addition to being crafted from a lightweight, 4-way stretch material, these travel chino pants for men come equipped with style, secure-zipper pockets and incorporate tech-oriented features for your traveling needs.

Technologies: The specially designed Evolution® fabric sets out to be the finest travel dress pants globally. This unique air-texture nylon twill has been meticulously engineered to provide a cotton-like feel while upholding the durability of nylon. Paired with the 4-way stretch of spandex and fortified with stain-resistant, long-lasting water repellent properties, Evolution® fabric is well-prepared for any challenge.

Best destinations to visit: Johannesburg (SA), Miami (US), Paris (FR)

Price: US$128*


Perfect for a city to wilderness weekend: First week went to Denver and hiked Rocky Mountain national park and then hit the city. Wore them 3 days straight and worked perfectly. Usually I am a 34 and had to size up to a 35.

Matthew A., Western Rise customer

3) Diversion Pant

Diversion Pant - best travel pants for men

Style: Versatile outdoor pants

Fabric: Double Woven Canvas (94% Nylon, 6% Spandex)

Colors: Blue Gray, Black, Navy, Canyon

Why to have it: From bustling airport terminals to exploring local street markets and diving into spontaneous business endeavors, the Diversion Pants have you covered. Besides being crafted with WR heavier, durable, 4-way Diversion double weave, these men’s comfortable travel pants have a “self-cleaning” durable water-repellent to shed dirt, dust, and stains, making them the ultimate adventure-ready essential.

Technologies: They are crafted from a premium double-weave fabric that combines the face of a durable nylon canvas with the interior dobby weave of a pair of sweatpants. Interwoven with elastane, the Diversion double-weave canvas offers unparalleled four-way stretch and an elegant drape.

Best destinations to visit: Cape Town (SA), Rio de Janeiro (BR), New York (US)

Price: US$148*


Most comfortable all rounder: Super durable and extremely flexible. A one bagger’s dream. Have been using it to travel, work on house renovations, hiking, rock climbing, etc. Brilliant. It is now time to get me a second pair!

Azim M., Western Rise customer

4) Evolution 2.0

Evolution 2 0 - Western Rise Pants

Style: Casual

Fabric: Woven twill (90% Nylon, 10% Elastane)

Colors: Black, Blue Grey, Navy, Canyon, Sage, Olive, Dune

Why to have it: These travel pants will ensure you stay comfortable, whether you’re embarking on international flights, enjoying a night out, or engaging in many activities during the day. Besides durability with lightweight comfort and featuring 4-way stretch, the Evolution Pant offers both a stylish appearance and a relaxed feel.

Technologies: The exclusive air-textured nylon twill has the comfortable feel of cotton while maintaining the durability of nylon. When paired with the 4-way stretch of spandex and a stain-resistant, long-lasting water-repellent treatment, Evolution® fabric is prepared for any challenge.

Best destinations to visit: California (US), Perth (AU), Barcelona (ES)

Price: US$128*


These travel pants are a bit more rugged. Stood up to the riggers of extreme activity. I like the pockets as well. A few best-kept hidden secrets. Though they did not fit as well, they were obviously made to withstand a ton of punishment and I like that. The pants have an excellent level of water resistance.

Matthew M. McDaniel, Musician & Traveler

5) Spectrum Jogger

Spectrum Jogger Zipper Pocket Men's travel Pants

Style: Casual and sporty style

Fabric: Warp knit twill

Colors: Black, Blue Grey, Navy, Canyon, Sage, Olive, Dune, Sand, Pine

Why to have it: Created from a supple, high-performance stretch material, it guarantees top-tier comfort whether you’re exploring an unfamiliar metropolis or embarking on a lengthy air voyage.

Technologies: Spectrum fabric is a warp-knitted material that occupies a unique space between the techniques of knitting and weaving. The Spectrum Jogger offers superb breathability, flexibility and resistance to water and stains, along with a touch of elegance.

Best destinations to visit: Yucatan Peninsula (MX), Namibia, Amsterdam (NL)

Price: US$118*


COMFY!! It is my second pair of joggers. They are comfortable and stylish.

Kerry F., Western Rise customer

Men’s travel pants with zipper pockets

We need to avoid letting our belongings fall out of our pockets or getting pickpocketed in tourist destinations such as Paris, Rio de Janeiro, etc. So besides making sure we get good travel insurance that also covers our electronics when we get robbed, it is always a good idea to make sure that the men’s travel pants you purchase come with zipper or hidden pockets. All of the Western Rise male travel pants have it.

Men’s jogger pants

Have you noticed how men’s jogger pants have become more popular? Probably the most common are the men’s jogger fleece pants – more comfortable but not so fancy. That’s when Western Rise brings the technology to create the Spectrum Jogger, the best men’s jogger pants, combining the sweatpants comfort and the twill style for any occasion.

Men’s travel pants with elastic waist

It’s not always pleasant to wear a seat belt, especially if you’re a traveler who is always at airports going through security. Pants with an elastic waist are more comfortable for traveling and more practical too, but they are not the prettiest, don’t you agree? To maintain style and travel in comfort, opt for the Evolution Chino travel pants with a stretch waistband and casual design.

Men’s quick dry travel pants

Men’s quick-dry travel pants are a must for modern explorers, offering comfort and swift drying. These pants combine practicality with style and low-maintenance ease, making them perfect for any adventure. With durability and stain resistance, they’re an essential addition to any traveler’s wardrobe. From Western Rise, try AT Pant, Evolution Chino Pant, and the Diversion Pant.


What are travel pants?

Travel pants are versatile, comfortable, and often quick-drying clothes designed for travelers. They offer features like comfort, durability, water resistance, and wrinkle resistance, making them ideal for various activities and destinations. Travel pants cater to the needs of modern adventurers seeking both style and practicality on the go.

Where can I buy men’s jogger pants near me?

Fortunately, you can order your Spectrum Jogger directly on the Western Rise website. The website measurements are accurate and guarantee successful purchases despite you not physically trying on the pieces.

What are the popular pants for guys?

Popular pants for guys include jeans, chinos, and joggers. Jeans are versatile and classic, while chinos offer a more polished look. Joggers provide comfort and a sporty style. If you are looking for minimalist pants that are comfortable and stylish at the same time, check out all the Western Rise options out!

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As you can see, men’s travel pants have become an indispensable garment for modern globetrotters, seamlessly combining style, comfort, and functionality. Whether exploring the wilderness, navigating urban landscapes, or jet-setting to new destinations, these versatile pants offer a hassle-free and stylish solution to demands. With quick-drying and durable features, they have redefined the way men approach their journeys, enhancing both convenience and confidence on the road.

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