Attending to many friends’ requests who used to follow my trips in my social media, Live More, Travel More (LMTM) was created in 2014.

At the time, I (Elaine Villatoro) selected some possible names to the blog, my friends voted and the name Live More, Travel More won. I was happy with the result because I can really relate myself to this name.

I feel way more alive and fulfilled when I am traveling: when I leave my comfort zone, when I have no clue of what is about to happen, who I am going to meet, etc…

At first LMTM was only a way for me to share my experiences. But, as you may know, when we do what we love things may take a different path.

The way I see LMTM now is as an opportunity not only to share my stories, but also to encourage people to value more their life experiences.

The knowledge that we acquire when we open ourselves to the world will never be taken away from us. Different from what happens with material goods.

No matter how: by bus or airplane, camping or staying in a resort, or even by simply reading a book or a blog…


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