Find out how to layer winter clothes, check out which winter clothes we should pack and get inspired by some winter outfits for men, women and kids!

We love to hit the road during the winter and explore different destinations, but sometimes we struggle to decide which winter clothes to pack or how to layer them, right? But don’t worry! In this article, we will give you amazing tips and we will recommend winter travel outfits for women, men and kids considering whether it’s for mildly, moderately or intensely cold weather.

You will notice that below we will mention items from Columbia Sportswear, a global clothing and accessories company for outdoor activities that was born over 80 years ago in the United States. Today, it is a reference in technologies travelers’ different needs in our journeys (in the midst of) amid nature.

Below there is a summary of what you’ll find in this article. If you prefer, feel free to jump straight to the desired topic:

The 4 biggest mistakes travelers make when dressing in winter

1) Putting on too many clothes


Several people wear all the blouses and jackets available in their closet to the point that they have difficulty moving around, consequently causing great discomfort.

The ideal is to dress according to what we call a clothing layering system, in which each layer must have a specific function, so you don’t necessarily need the number of pieces. So you can maintain the necessary comfort even for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

2) Not wearing waterproof clothing and boots in snowy destinations


Snow is water, so if you make a little angel on the ground with cotton clothes, step on snow with regular sneakers, or make snowballs with wool gloves, you’ll be wet and freezing. That’s why it’s essential that items like waterproof boots and waterproof jackets accompany you on destinations with snow.

3) Forgetting to warm the extremities of the body


When planning a winter vacation in the US or elsewhere in the world, it is common for us to worry only about finding the ideal winter jacket, but did you know that the first areas of our body that suffer from the cold are the fingers, toes, nose and ears? It happens because they receive a lesser amount of blood flow.

When packing for your winter holidays, make sure you don’t forget to add warm socks, gloves, a bonnet and a scarf to complement your winter travel outfit.

4) Not investing in clothing and equipments with the appropriate technologies for the occasion


Before shopping for the most beautiful winter clothes and accessories, you need to understand their technologies and characteristics. It’s no use looking pretty in you new winter outfit when the lack of comfort may prevent you from enjoying your trip.

How to layer winter clothes?

Have you ever wondered how many layers of clothes to wear in winter? Well, the clothing layering system involves the three main layers that we will detail below, but it is worth remembering that nothing stops you from wearing more if necessary. They are the basis for you to stay dry, comfortable and warm in winter. Note how one piece complements the function of the other:

1. Base Layer

The base layer is the garment that, in contact with the body, maintains its temperature. When the fabric has the ideal technology, it transfers the body’s sweat to the outside (or to the second layer), keeping it dry even after a long hike. Currently, some base layers even have thermal reflectivity, where metallic dots of the fabric reflect the heat that the body generates. Incredible, right?!

LMTM Tip: Both long sleeves and tights shall have a stretch fabric and be tight to your body; otherwise, the cold breeze will reach your skin.

2. Fleece or feather

The most commonly used item as the second layer is made of fleece, a soft, lightweight, easy-drying and comfortable fabric, perfect for mild to moderate cold weather, and the down jacket, which is an excellent lightweight thermal insulator that can stay very small when folded, it is mostly used in case of moderate to intense cold weather.

3. Waterproof jacket, pants and boots

Finally, the ideal is that you have waterproof pieces to protect you from the cold wind, snow or even rain. It is important that they are breathable, so you can get rid of the sweat produced by your body.

Clothes for mildly cold temperatures (From 50ºF to 68ºF / 10ºC to 20ºC)

Destinations such as Domingos Martins in Espírito Santo generally offer a mildly cold climate, with temperatures that are rarely below 20ºC – 68ºF. In these cases, having just a fleece, a windbreaker and a waterproof boot may be enough.

Check out some items below for you to assemble an outfit with winter clothes for women:

Jaqueta fleece Columbia Sportswear
Winter clothes for women - Mildly cold weather

Clothing for moderate cold (from 0ºC to 10ºC – 32ºF to 50ºF)

If you are going to travel to a moderately cold destination where temperatures can reach below 10ºC – 50ºF, such as Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul, Campos do Jordão in São Paulo, Monte Verde in Minas Gerais, Santiago or San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, you can choose to wear a second skin, a feather jacket, and a windproof waterproof jacket.

Below you can find a suggestion for winter outdoor clothes for men:

Winter clothes for men - Moderately cold weather

Clothing for intense cold (Below 0ºC – 32ºF)

Now, if you are looking for clothes for the European winter, such as Iceland and Norway, where temperatures quickly drop below 0ºC – 32ºF, you should protect yourself with a more powerful second skin with thermal reflectivity, preferably, and a heavier fleece. If you want, you can add a vest, finishing with a waterproof feather jacket with highly reinforced thermal insulation.

In this case, waterproof and breathable pants and waterproof snow boots with a powerful thermal insulator are also essential, in addition to waterproof gloves, a neck protector and a bonnet.

See below an example of intense winter clothes for women:

Winter clothes for women - Intensely cold Columbia Sportswear

Winter clothes for babies and children

We can’t forget about our little ones, right?! The recommendation for them is also to wear the layering system On Columbia website you will find winter clothes for babies and children of all ages, as well as accessories that have the necessary technologies for them.

Winter clothes for kids

Packing list for a winter vacation

We made a packing list for your winter vacation. Check it out:

  • Base Layer
  • Fleece or feather jacket
  • Waterproof winter jacket
  • Gloves
  • Bonnet
  • Scarf / Neck protector
  • Socks
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Sunglasses
Winter travel outfits

An extra tip, which is not related to clothes and accessories but I think it’s worth mentioning here, is that it’s not because it’s cold, that it’s not sunny! So bring and wear sunscreen. I remember when a friend of mine came back from a trip to Chile looking like a raccoon, he went skiing with sunglasses on but forgot his sunscreen.

And speaking of sunglasses, if you go to a place that snows, these will be a very important item because it gets really bright when the sun hits the snow and reflect the light.

Conscious consumption

We, who seek to practice sustainable tourism, also need to be concerned about making consumption more conscious, avoiding the so-called Fast Fashion and looking for products that last for a long time.

Items like feather jackets should have some certification like the Responsible Down Standard, which proves that geese are not mistreated for their feathers to be collected. Unfortunately, in many cases this procedure is done in a very cruel way.

In addition, we need to investigate whether the production process of companies is done ethically and responsibly with employees. After all, we don’t want to contribute to slave labor.

We consider several advantages of Columbia in this sense before bringing it as a partner and promoting its products. If you want to know about their sustainability initiatives, check this link.

Discount coupon for winter clothes

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Columbia Sportswear stores in the USA

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Frequently asked questions about clothing for winter travel

Where to buy winter clothes?

Columbia Sportswear has winter clothes for all kinds of situations, whether for the typical European winter, the ski seasons in Chile or even winter clothes for children and babies.
You can shop through their website or go directly to one of their stores: find a store here.

How to choose clothes for winter travel?

Ideally, you should dress in a layered system, seeking to maintain your body temperature and sweat perspiration through base layers with appropriate technology, warming the body through a fleece or feather jacket, and finishing with a waterproof winter jacket to be protected from cold, wind and rain.

What to wear for cold weather?

The main clothing you need to wear for cold weather is a base layer, fleece, and a waterproof jacket. Read more…

How to pack winter clothes for travel?

Check out this packing list for winter vacation.

How many layers of clothes to wear in winter?

Usually three layers are enough: a base layer, a fleece, and a waterproof jacket. Read more…

How many layers of clothes to wear in snow?

Usually three layers are enough: a base layer, a fleece, a snow jacket and snow pants. Read more…

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