Find out what are the must-have pieces of outdoor clothing for men and get outfit ideas to gear up for any adventure.

Being outdoors is important for the physical and mental well-being of everyone. Having the right clothing for outdoor activities is vital for comfort, protection, and performance. Before planning your next adventure, find out what the top seven must-have outdoor clothing for men are and get some outfit ideas as well:

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1. Odor-resistant t-shirts

Outdoor activities and the exposure to the sun make you sweat more than when you are at home or at the office. To avoid getting a stinky smell that may drive your friends or loved one away, besides wearing a natural deodorant, it is also important to have an odor-resistant t-shirt. These t-shirts are made of technological fabrics that breaks down the molecules that create odors. Cool, right?!

⭐ Our top Western Rise picks: Western Rise offers outdoor clothing for men, including anti-odor t-shirts. Below, you will find two examples that were tested and approved by my partner, Matthew.

western rise x cotton tee - top Odor resistant t-shirts in mens outdoor clothing

X Cotton Tee

While it is named “X Cotton Tee“, this Western Rise shirt is not made of 100% cotton. It is made of a fabric blend that is moisture-wicking and incorporate a silver ion technology that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Public Review:

I love that shirt. It REALLY controls odor. I’ve tried many fabrics and brands, and only merino wool and X Cotton Tee work for me. I’m 176 cm, 73 kg (5’9, 160 lbs) and size M fits me perfectly – not tight, not baggy. Really looking forward to testing the t-shirts while traveling.

Evgeniy – Verified WR buyer
western rise lightweight clothes for hot weather

StrongCore Merino Tee

It is my partner’s Western Rise favorite t-shirt. Different from the X Cotton Tee, this men’s outdoor t-shirt is 82% made of merino wool – a fabric with natural chemical properties that are odor-resistant. It is also wrinkle-resistant and lightweight, which is great for those who want to pack light. Check out more colors of the StrongCore Merino Tee.

Public Review:

Merino wool is a bit of a wonder material, especially for travel: it’s temperature regulating, highly odor resistant, super soft, and comfortable. The StrongCore Merino Tee is the best I’ve tried so far, being more comfortable than REI Co-op and Smartwool while still having all the attributes you expect from merino wool gear. The odor resistance and ability to quick-dry are borderline unbelievable. Highly recommended for travel and everyday wear.

Patrick P. – Verified WR buyer

Sustainability 🍃: Less frequent washing saves water and reduces the use of detergents benefiting the environment, especially in outdoor settings where water resources may be scarce or sensitive to pollution.

2. Pants or shorts with zipper pockets

Zipper pockets provide a secure place to store essential items such as keys, a wallet, or a smartphone. Unlike regular pockets, zippered ones prevent items from falling out during rigorous outdoor activities like climbing, running, or crossing rough terrain. They also provide an additional layer of protection to your personal belongings, preventing damage by the outdoors’ elements, including rain, dirt, or accidental spills.

⭐ Our top Western Rise picks: all the Western Rise outdoor pants and shorts have zipper pockets, but these are our top picks when it comes to men’s outdoor clothing.

best jogger pants for men

Spectrum Jogger

Are you looking for the best pants for men? The Spectrum Jogger is that versatile and comfortable pair of pants that can take you from airports to a day out in the park. It has a hidden side seam pocket and a zippered back pocket, but its advantages go beyond. These pants are also breathable, water and stain-resistant, four-way stretch, moisture-wicking and durable.

Public Review:

What makes the Western Rise Spectrum Joggers worth it is their versatility. No logos anywhere, no weird seams or odd pockets that stand out. Nothing overtly sporty to make them look like exercise clothes you couldn’t wear for casual wear or even to the office with an untucked shirt. The sleek fit is just loose enough to work as slim tapered trousers, and is perfect for running or exercise. They work even better for cycling. The hidden zip pocket on the left hip is more useful than I would have thought. Never encountered a pocket there, but someone at Western Rise did their homework. It fits a regular size iPhone 12-15 easily with room to spare, but shallowly enough to be easy to retrieve from the pocket. Something about the position on the hip makes it invisible. You don’t sit on it; you forget it’s there; the phone doesn’t seem to be under stress at all while in the pocket. Goes in and out easily and the zip is good quality…

STW – Verified WR buyer
boundless short western rise - zippered pocket shorts

Boundless Short

This is definitely going to be your one-bag travel favorite shorts! you can wear it on the best hiking trails in California, at the gym, when you go grocery shopping or even for a swim in one of the prettiest beaches of Miami. The Boundless Short has two secure zippered pockets, an in-or-out drawstring, interior draining mesh pockets for water release, is quick-drying, odor-proof and antimicrobial. Isn’t it awesome?

Public Review:

At home and travel. Packs small and wears great. Zippered side pocket adds a nice secure stash for cash and credit card for walking around town.

Charles H. – Verified WR buyer

Fox tip 🦊: Make sure you get a travel insurance before going on you next adventure. Some policies also cover stolen electronics.

3. Merino wool base layer

In winter, layering clothes is more than necessary. A good base layer shall not only keep you warm, but be breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry as well. After all, your sweat needs to be able to leave your body after enjoying some of the outdoor activities in Park City (UT) or walking among penguins in the Falkland Islands, for example. For a men’s minimalist wardrobe, we suggest a merino wool base layer. This fabric has all the qualities needed and it is also temperature regulating.

⭐ Our top Western Rise pick:

StrongCore Merino Wool Long Sleeve base layer Tee

StrongCore Merino Long Sleeve Tee

Our vote is that you invest in a StrongCore Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tee. This shirt brings all the benefits of the merino wool fabric and incorporates a core-spun nylon merino fiber for enhanced strength and durability. Different from sportswear brands base layers, this one will keep you stylish even after taking your snow jacket off in a restaurant.

Public Review:

Super comfortable and stylish. Great as a base layer, warm but never gets hot.

Matt S. – Verified WR buyer

4. Rain jacket

Don’t let the rain ruin your trip! A rain jacket offers unmatched protection and versatility in unpredictable weather conditions, which makes it an essential piece of outdoor wear for men. If you prioritize functionality and style, a high-quality option will be your best buddy for several years and will follow you in a sightseeing walk in downtown Seattle, or on your adventures in the Brazilian Amazon.

⭐ Our top Western Rise pick:

waterproof windbreaker jacket wester rise - outfit otdoor clothing ideas for men

Meta Shell Jacket

If you choose well, you only need one rain jacket in your wardrobe. Take a look at this all-in-one Western Rise jacket which is waterproof and windbreaker. It has a modern design, it is breathable, packable and durable.

Public Review:

I purchased the shell in a size up from normal with the intent of using it to layer over a puffy coat during colder rain and accepting a slightly looser fit when the layers aren’t necessary. We had pouring rain the day after it arrived and I put it on and headed out for an hour-long walk. When I returned, I checked the layer I had underneath the jacket and couldn’t find any moisture. The hood is also versatile and easily fit over the hat I was wearing and stayed in place in high winds. This is a great jacket and is going to travel with me from here forward. Thanks for another great product!

Michael N. – Verified WR buyer

5. Headwear

Whether it is to prevent a sunburn on your face in a getaway in Bacalar (Mexico) or to keep your head warm during your winter vacation in the U.S., hats, caps and beanies are indispensable items in the collection of outdoor clothes for men. They serve multiple crucial functions that enhance your adventure experience while adding an extra touch of style in your outdoor outfit.

⭐ Our top Western Rise pick:

white cap western rise outdoor wear for men

Versa Hat

Way more than a versatile and stylish accessory. The Versa Hat is crushable (for real!), breathable, waterproof, stain-resistant and has an UPF 50+. See the other colors they have here.

Public Review:

I ordered a bunch of items and the hat included and love it. Perfect size hat, and the fact you can fold it and put it in your back pocket and shape it back to how you want to wear it is great. I’m got the camo one but I’m also going to order a black one.

Philippe A. – Verified WR buyer

6. Moisture-wicking socks

Forget your cotton socks! An outdoor man needs socks that are designed to draw moisture away from the skin, a feature that is extremely important for preventing blisters, reducing the risk of fungal infections, and keeping feet dry and comfortable throughout long treks.

⭐ Our top Western Rise pick:

strong merino western rise odor free socks - on of the most essential items  in outdoor clothing for men

StrongCore Merino Socks

Made with a blend of 18.5 micron merino wool spun around a durable nylon core, these moisture-wicking and stinky-free socks won’t disappoint you. They are dense cushioning, soft and super comfortable.

Public Review:

I had the opportunity to use it by 3 days and the result was incredible, no bad odor. I recommend it.

Rich G. – Verified WR buyer

7. Waterproof hiking boots

Waterproof hiking boots are an indispensable element of outdoor wear for men. Besides good grip and ankle support, these boots are specifically engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable, shielding them from rain, puddles, and damp environments that are often encountered on trails.

⭐ Our top pick:

Men's Fairbanks Mid Boot columbia - waterproof hiking boots essential outdoor wear for men

Men’s Fairbanks Mid Boot Columbia

This is our top pick because besides of being from another brand we trust, its casual look make it easy to wear them not only in the woods, but in city walks when it is raining too.

Public Review:

I purchased these boots as a Christmas gift for my 52 year old husband. He absolutely loves them. They run true to size. He describes them as the most comfortable boots he owns. They are water resistant and light weight. I went ahead and purchased the same boots for my 25 year old son and my 79 year old father. All of them love the boots. So they are not only comfortable and versatile, they are equally as fashionable for all 3 of these men at different age generations!


Outdoor outfit ideas for men

Do you need some outdoor outfit inspiration? Here are some ideas:

outdoor outfit ideas for men
Men’s outdoor outfit inspiration – all clothes by Western Rise

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Western Rise coupon - versatile travel clothes for men

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Remember to choose clothing that is appropriate for the specific climate and activity you will be undertaking. Additional accessories like UV-blocking sunglasses, and a sturdy backpack for carrying essentials should also be considered when preparing for outdoor activities.

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What are the best outdoor clothing brands for men?

Western Rise is considered by many to be a top outdoor clothing brand for men due to several key factors that cater to the needs of adventurers, such as its material quality, versatility, style, sustainability, durability, comfort, and for being easy to take care of. Get a 15% discount at Western Rise here!

Where to shop outdoor clothes for men?

There are several outdoor clothing brands for men out there, but most of them are focus on sports and lack of style. That is why we recommend Western Rise. They are a minimalist and versatile brand that will accompany you in several occasions.

Where to find outdoor men’s clothing for sale?

You can search for your favorite outdoor clothing brand outlet store, or use our 15% OFF Western Rise promo code on any online purchase.

What is the meaning of outdoor clothing?

Outdoor clothing refers to apparel technologically designed to supply outdoor activities needs. These clothes meant to be comfortable and durable, enable movement, and protect you from different weather or environment conditions.

What are the best outdoor men’s gifts?

How about a versatile and stylish travel pants that is water and stain-resistant? Or an odor-free merino wool t-shirt that will make this man look nice whether he is on a hike or on a date? Read the whole article for more ideas.

How many outdoor outfits should a man have?

Three outdoor outfits are enough for an one-week trip, especially if the pieces mix and match. This way, besides being able to wash some clothes if needed, you can create other looks with among these pieces as well.