Traveling light is essential for those who want to avoid fees of checked luggage, to be able to easily transit around with less weight to carry, and for responsible travelers that are aware of how the weight of their suitcase can increase their carbon footprint. We recently wrote a step-by-step guide on “How to pack light in a carry-on bag only” and now we are excited to share the best lightweight travel clothing and gear to accompany you on your adventures.

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* This article was sponsored by our partner Western Rise, our favorite lightweight travel clothing brand, with technologically advanced pieces that are responsibly sourced and carbon neutral. 🍃 Yeah, besides helping you travel better and smarter, we love connecting you to environmentally friendly brands.

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Lightweight travel clothing

Finding good and stylish lightweight travel clothes can be challenging because, besides these characteristics, we also want durable and versatile pieces. Below, you find out what types of material and fabric technologies are recommended when packing light.

Lightweight clothing for hot weather

If you are going on a summer vacation in the U.S. or are about to experience the hot weather that destinations like Maldives offer all year long, you need clothes that, besides being lightweight, are moisture-wicking. When choosing which shirts and shorts you will pack, look for fabrics such as nylon and polyester for activewear and beachwear, lightweight cotton or merino wool for versatile clothing, and maybe linen for a more elegant look. Fabrics with odor-resistant technologies and sun protection are a big plus!

🦊 Fox tip: Light-colored clothes absorb less heat and help you keepinging cooler.

Our top Western Rise picks: These are our favorite Western Rise lightweight clothing for hot weather. All of them were tested by my partner Matthew during our trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in the U.S.

The StrongCore Merino Tee is a lightweight shirt that you can wear on a hike in the woods, a hot day walk in the city, or in a casual meeting at night. Its high-end technology makes it soft, breathable, and anti-odor.

Made of an ultra-lightweight polyester fabric, the Movement Short is EXTREMELY comfortable. You can wear it to run at the beach, for hiking or even swimming. Its material is water and stain-resistant and has a light, airy feel.

Lightweight, warm clothing for cold weather

When packing for low temperatures, the challenge is to find low-volume and lightweight, warm clothing that is also breathable. Fleece is a lightweight, easy-drying, and comfortable option. Other fabrics, such as merino wool and polyester, are temperature-regulating as well. Are you looking for a lightweight jacket? Go with down winter jackets. Note that waterproof clothes are also helpful in the case of snow.

Sustainability infos & tips🍃:

  • Some companies have been using a more sustainable sourced fleece, often called bio fleece.
  • When buying down jackets, purchase only from companies that are Responsible Down Standard certified.

🦊 Fox tip: If you are going to moderate or intense cold weather, make sure you know how to layer winter clothes when you travel and avoid bulky items. Also, bear in mind that a minimalist style to mix-and-match pieces is also key when it comes to packing for winter destinations.

Our top Western Rise pick:

Western Rise AirLoft Vest

The AirLoft Vest is made of a 4-way stretch fabric that is water-resistant and temperature-regulating. This ultimate men’s travel vest will keep you stylish and warm in mildly to moderately cold temperatures.

Lightweight travel pants

Leave your heavy and bulky jeans at home! Lightweight travel pants are usually made of a nylon-elastane or nylon-spandex blend in order to also be comfortable and durable. Male travelers love Western Rise pants because they are light, low volume, and versatile, so you can wear them for both casual and formal occasions.

Our top Western Rise picks:

The Evolution Pant 2.0 is the ultimate lightweight travel pants for men. It is made of a patented fabric that is breathable, stretchable, lightweight, stain and water resistant. You can wear it on a coffee date or to explore the Canyonlands National Park.

And here is Matthew’s Western Rise favorite pants. The AT Pant is half the weight of a pair of jeans and five times more durable. Its stylish and versatile look allows you to go to work or on a hike in the Arches National Park.

Check out our article about the best men’s travel pants!

Lightweight travel gear

Now that you have found some great lightweight travel clothes, it is time to find lightweight travel gear that will help you out in your mission of balancing out your load. Here are some examples:

Lightweight travel luggage - gear

Lightweight travel luggage

An essential gear for those who want to travel light is a lightweight suitcase. Nylon and polyester materials are the best options if you are looking for a soft shell case. In case you prefer a hard shell, polypropylene is both lightweight and durable. Check out the Samsonite Freeform Spinner luggage, which comes in carry-on, medium, and large sizes.

Travel towel

If there is one item that every traveler in 2023 should already have, it is a microfiber towel. But if you are still looking for a lightweight travel towel, the 4Monster Camping Towel is a great option. It is as absorbent, quick-dry, and compact as you need.

small lightweight microfiber towel - gear
Small travel jewelry case

Small travel jewelry case

No more tangled necklaces and bracelets. Now, you can carry your essential jewelry in a small travel case. We were used to finding only hard cases, but now you can go with soft ones that are lightweight and take up less space in your suitcase. The Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer is very functional and comes in two different sizes.

Small travel umbrella

It is one of those items that you often don’t wanna pack and later regret not doing so! But your problems are now solved since some lightweight and small travel umbrellas are available in the market. I have had one for about seven years now, but if I were to buy a new one, the Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim would be it because it covers a bigger diameter (90cm).

Small travel umbrella - lightweight travel gear


What is the best lightweight travel clothing brand?

Most people relate lightweight travel clothing to activewear, but nowadays, you can count on Western Rise – our favorite lightweight travel clothing brand that offers stylish products with a minimalist concept that are responsibly sourced and carbon neutral.

What is the best clothing for traveling light?

The best clothing for traveling light are those with low volume and are lightweight. Western Rise products are made of high-technology fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and easy to pack. Check it out.

Where to buy lightweight travel clothing?

You can buy lightweight travel clothing at the Western Rise store in Telluride (Colorado) or online.

Our readers can enjoy a fantastic 15% discount at Western Rise (valid anytime!). Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer, and elevate your capsule suitcase with high-quality, versatile, and technological clothing.

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Is there any other lightweight travel clothing or gear that you would like us to add here? Leave a comment below.🤗

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