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Western Rise is a men’s performance clothing brand bringing athletic performance to everyday wear. 

Made of the best modern technology, materials, and construction, they have created an entirely new apparel experience where the modern, active man can own less, carry less, and experience more; whether that’s outdoors, traveling, or day-to-day.

They have combined the comfort and durability of sportswear, and the versatility of business casual clothing to make a highly versatile, entirely new category of clothing.

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Popular Western Rise clothing:

  • Evolution Pant
  • AT Slim Pant
  • AirLoft Jacket
  • AirLight Shirt
  • Alloy Chino Pant
  • Diversion Pant
  • Limitless Merino Shirt
  • Merino Cashmere Beanie
  • StrongCore Merino Socks
  • Techwool Flannel Shirt
  • X Cotton Everyday Tee


Elaine Villatoro

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