Are you going to a winter destination? Whether for a walk or for skiing, find out why snow clothing will be essential in your travel bag.

Each season of the year brings unique beauties, and in winter, some destinations acquire a very special touch: snow! In order for your trip to be enjoyable and for you to feel comfortable and safe, whether walking through the cold city streets, trekking in the mountains, or practicing winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, it is necessary to carefully consider what you will wear during this adventure. The right combination of thermal, breathable, and waterproof clothes, along with appropriate accessories, will be your key to facing the freezing while enjoying all the fun that snow has to offer.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know before packing for your next winter destination, as well as sharing valuable information and tips to help you choose the best waterproof snow clothing.

What to wear in snow?

The key to facing the icy weather encountered in snow destinations is to wear appropriate clothing and accessories, and adhere to the layering system to protect yourself not only from low temperatures but also from wind and moisture. It may seem excessive, but each piece has its importance in these situations.

Here’s a list of what to wear in the snow:

  • Baselayer blouse and pants (also called second skin): to maintain body heat;
  • Fleece or feather jacket: to insulate the external temperature;
  • Windbreaker jacket, pants and waterproof boots: to protect from the cold and humidity;
  • Hat, gloves and scarf/neck protector: to protect the body extremities from the cold;
  • Warm and breathable socks: to keep warm and prevent blisters on your feet.
O que usar na neve

Also, read this article where you can learn about the layer system a little more.

Why do snowsuits need to be waterproof?

Snow clothing needs to be waterproof for a simple reason: the presence of moisture can greatly compromise your comfort and safety during the trip. When exposed to the cold of the snow, it is common to encounter melted snow, rain, or even accidental falls into wet snow.

Por que as roupas para neve precisam ser impermeáveis
Source: Columbia site

If the clothing is not waterproof, this moisture can penetrate the fabric and come into direct contact with the skin, causing discomfort and rapid cooling, exposing the body to a higher risk of hypothermia. Additionally, damp clothing becomes heavier, making movements more difficult. Therefore, investing in waterproof clothing is fundamental to keep yourself dry, warm, and protected during snow activities.

How to choose clothes for snow activities?

When choosing clothes for skiing or snowboarding in the snow, in addition to waterproofness, consider breathability. After all, it’s natural to sweat during physical activities, and breathable clothing will keep you dry during sports.

The size of the clothing will also contribute to or hinder your mobility. Tight clothes will limit your movements and prevent you from adding additional layers to keep warm. Similarly, the weight and bulkiness of the clothing can also hinder your movements, impact your performance, and make it nearly impossible to pack compactly.

Que roupas usar para esquiar na neve
Source: Columbia site

In addition to practical, comfort and safety issues, also consider your personal style and buy versatile pieces that combine with each other and can be used together or separately on other trips.

Where you can buy snow clothes

There are plenty of reasons to recommend Columbia Sportswear’s waterproof snow clothing. Columbia is an American brand specializing in outdoor apparel and equipment. Their clothing and accessories have been developed to handle the diverse weather conditions of the summer and winter seasons in the United States and have quickly gained recognition worldwide for their innovative technologies that make travelers’ experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Find out more about the technologies and features present in the brand’s winter clothes:

  • Impermeability and breathability: Omni-Tech™ is the technology that guarantees the impermeability and breathability of the piece of clothing.
  • Heating: Omni-Heat™ and Omni-Heat Infinity™ provide a starting temperature of approximately 20% and 40% above your body temperature thanks to thermal reflectivity technology.
  • Insulation: With ultrafine synthetic fibers that are very similar to natural ones, Thermator™ technology guarantees good thermal insulation, maintaining body heat.
  • Practicality: The 3-in-1 anorak jackets are perfect for practicing snow sports, as they connect together to create a comfortable layering system and have pockets with zippers in strategic places that allow you to keep your belongings and ski-pass safely and affordably.
  • Accessories: Columbia also has items such as gloves, hats and scarves that, in addition to complementing the look, also have waterproofing, breathability, and heating technologies. The gloves also have touch technology, which allows them to use cell phones and tablets without having to remove them.
  • Cost benefit: The brand’s clothes are of excellent quality. In addition to having cutting-edge technology, they are resistant and will accompany you through many ski resorts and icy destinations around the world.

Snow clothes for women

So that you can make the most of snow adventure, we selected winter jackets, snow pants, and looks that deserve your attention:

Women’s snow jacket

Check out some women’s snow jacket options:

Women’s Bugaboo™ II Fleece Interchange Jacket

For those who want security and style, this jacket has the best of both worlds. In addition to being warm, it is waterproof and protects you from wind, rain, water and snow.

Women’s Whirlibird™ IV Interchange Jacket

With technologies for warmth, breathability and waterproofing, this 3-in-1 jacket offers practicality and comfort for women travelers.

Women’s snow pants

Check out the best options for women’s snow pants:

Women’s Backslope™ III Insulated Pants

Stay warm and dry thanks to Omni-Tech™ technology that makes the pants breathable and waterproof

Women’s Bugaboo™ Omni-Heat Insulated Ski Pants

Enjoy your adventure with this versatile model that can be used in the snow and in casual environments. The pockets have a zipper to store your belongings.

Columbia looks for women’s snow clothing

Check out some feminine items from Columbia for you to put together your warm look for the snow:

Snow clothes for men

To keep your tranquility and comfort during walks and sports in the snow, check out the pieces we recommend for your next trip in extreme climates:

Men’s snow jacket

Practical and comfortable men’s jackets to wear in the snow:

Men’s Whirlibird™ IV Interchange Jacket

Style and practicality. This model has 4 pockets, 3 on the front and one on the inside; all with a zipper to ensure the safety of your belongings while practicing sports or walking in the snow.

Men’s Bugaboo™ II Fleece Interchange Jacket

Stay warm up to 20% faster thanks to the jacket’s Omni-Heat™ technology.

Men’s snow pants

Here are some models of pants that will help you perform activities in the snow:

Men’s Bugaboo IV™ Insulated Ski Pants

This model is perfect for snow sports, guaranteeing performance and safety due to its impermeability. It has light fabric and quick heating.

Men’s Powder Stash™ Ski Pants

These thermal snow pants keep you protected from extreme cold temperatures by retaining body heat.

Columbia looks for men’s snow wear

Stylish looks to protect you in extreme cold:

Children’s snow clothes

Here are some jacket, pants, and accessories ideas to keep kids warm while exploring and playing in the snow:

Children’s snow jacket

Children’s and men’s snow jacket options:

Kids’ Bugaboo™ II Fleece Interchange Jacket

Keep little ones warm, dry and comfortable even in low temperatures.

Children’s snow pants

Comfortable pants for your little one to wear in the snow:

Kids’ Bugaboo™ II Insulated Ski Pants

So your child can safely explore new sensations, textures and temperatures.

Columbia looks to children’s snow clothing – women’s and men’s

Looks to keep kids warm in the cold and snow:

Coupon Columbia

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Columbia – Where to buy snow clothes

Now that you know what you need and where to buy snow clothes for you and the whole family, tell us what your long-awaited destination is.


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FAQ – Snow ski and snowboard clothing

Where to buy snow clothes?

You can buy snow clothes from Columbia Sportswear’s website or a store.

Can you rent snow clothes?

Yes, most of the ski-resorts have snow clothes for rental.

What to wear to ski?

For skiing, choose waterproof clothing to avoid getting wet in the snow. In addition, it is important that the clothes are light, comfortable, and with good breathability so that sweat evaporates.

How much are snow pants?

You can find Columbia snow pants from US$59 to US$110.

What clothes to buy for snow?

Choose waterproof clothing that retains body heat, but also allows breathability to play in the snow dry and comfortably.

Where to buy ski clothes near me?

You can buy ski clothes from Columbia Sportswear’s website or a store.

Are snow pants waterproof?

All the snow pants should be waterproof, after all, snow is water. Check out some of the snow pants for men and women offered by Columbia Sportswear.