Fit the best of Namibia in a 7, 10 or 14 day itinerary

Although not so populated (only about 2,5 million people), Namibia is quite a big country. In their approximately 825,000 km2, Namibia is full of incredible landscapes and things to do.

12 best things to do in Namibia

Based on my 2 trips to this country, this is my list of the best things to do and see in Namibia:

  1. Walk barefoot in Deadvlei – Sossusvlei Desert
  2. Safari at Etosha National Park
  3. Sunrise at Dune 45
  4. Dolphin Cruise in Walvis Bay: Seals, dolphins and pelicans
  5. Rhino Tracking
  6. Sandwich Harbour Tour: Where the desert meets the ocean + salt factory
  7. Sunset in Walvis Bay Lagoon with flamingos around
  8. San Tribe
  9. Herero Tribe
  10. Sand boarding & Quad Biking at Dune 7
  11. Himba Tribe
  12. Cheeta at N/a’an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary


If you only have 1 week to explore Namibia and would like to see most of these highlights, check it out this 7-day itinerary, which is based on a tour I took but it can be useful to you even if you are self-driving.

Car rental in Namibia

The 7 Day Namibian Circuit is a camping tour provided by Chameleon Safaris. This was my second time in Namibia and second time in a tour with them.

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At the end of this article you will also see some suggestions to turn it on a 10 day or 14 day itinerary.

7 Day Itinerary

Day 1 – From Windhoek to Etosha National Park

Diddle Daddle Caramelised Popcorn

Head from Windhoek (Capital of Namibia) to Etosha National Park around 8am.  Stop on the way in Otjiwarongo to buy some snacks and supplies.

By the way one of my favourites snacks was the Diddle Daddle caramelised popcorn hehe.

Arrive at Etosha in time for an afternoon game drive. There were lions, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and impalas everywhere.

Safari in Etosha - Namibia
Wildlife at Etosha National Park
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Set the tent at Okaukuejo Camp, where you will be for 2 nights.

Have dinner and spend the night watching the rhinos and elephants drinking water in a waterhole next to the camp.

Rhinos drinking water Namibia
Rhinos playing at Etosha National Park
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

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Day 2 –Etosha National Park

Start a game drive during the sunrise, have breakfast at a picnic spot, pass by Etosha Pan (a salt pan) and then head to Halali.

Lion Safari Etosha Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Halali is a really cool spot as you can watch the elephants playing in the Moringa Waterhole.

Have lunch there and go to the pool if you would like (I was too busy photographing and admiring these ones though hehe).

Elephants Having Fun
Elephants playing in a waterhole
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

After lunch, return to Okaukuejo Camp.

Elephant at Okaukuejo Camp Etosha
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Plan your trip => Hotels in Namibia

Day 3 –  Himba, Hereros and Damara Tribes on the way to Swakopmund

The exit from Etosha is a game drive itself =)

Baby lion at Etosha
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Head to Swakopmund and stop on the way to see the Himba, Hereros and Damara Tribes. Check it out more info & photos of the tribes on my Instagram.

Herero Tribe in Namibia
Herero Tribe in Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro
Chameleon Safaris Tour
Lunch during the Chameleon Safaris Tour
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

While passing by the Skeleton Coast, stop at Henties Bay to see a Shipwreck.

Shipwreck - Henties Bay
Shipwreck – Henties Bay
Photo by: Burger Jordaan

In Swakopmund stay at Amanpuri Travellers Lodge. If you have time, watch the sunset at the pier.

Hotels in Swakopmund

Have dinner at a Namibian traditional restaurant called Hafeni where you can try some worms. Believe it or not, I loved the worms hehe.

Day 4 – Free day in Swakopmund:

Choose between Quad biking, Sand boarding, Skydiving or doing a Dolphin Cruise in Walvis Bay or Sandwich Harbor Tours.

I truly recommend:

  • Dolphin Cruise in the morning with Ocean Adventures. Find more pictures on my Instagram.
Dolphin Cruise in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Dolphin Cruise in Walvis Bay, Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro
  • Sandwich Harbor in the afternoon with Etangola Tours. Find more pictures on my Instagram.
Discount Sandwich Harbor Tour in Namibia
Sandwich Harbor tour
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Day 5 – From Swako to Sesriem

After breakfast, leave Swakopmund around 10am and drive to Walvis Bay to see the Flamingos in the Lagoon.

Flamingos in Walvis Bay Lagoon
Flamingos in Walvis Bay Lagoon
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

On the way to Sesriem have quick stops at the Tropic of Capricorn sign and Solitaire.

Tropic of Capricorn Sign in Namibia
Tropic of Capricorn Sign in Namibia
Abandoned car in Solitaire - Namibia
Abandoned car in Solitaire – Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

At Sesriem Camping, set the tent, watch the sunset and have dinner.

Day 6 – Dune 45, Deadvlei and Sesriem Canyon

Leave camp early enough to arrive and climb up Dune 45 in time to watch the sunrise. Check it out the video I posted on my IGTV about this day.

Sunrise in Dune 45 in Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Have breakfast on the bottom of the dune, then continue driving till get to Deadvlei parking place where 4×4 vehicles will take you to Sossuvlei area.

They will drop you off at a point where you will walk 1km to get to Deadvlei. 

Make sure you are there as early as possible because it is way too hot about lunch time.

Woman Deadvlei Namibia
Elaine in Deadvlei Namibia

Later, go back to the car, then to the camp and later visit Sesriem Canyon.

Day 7 – From Sesriem to Windhoek

Leave Sesriem around 9 am to get back to Windhoek about 2pm.

10 Day Itinerary

In case you can stay longer, I would suggest you to spend some extra time in Walvis Bay and Windhoek.

Walvis Bay

I would also recommend you to stay in Walvis Bay for a night or 2. So you can climb Dune 7, go quad biking and sand boarding.

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Quad biking with Dune 7 Adventures

Stay at Flamingo Villa Boutique Hotel where you can watch an amazing sunset and see flamingos from your bed =)

Flamingo Villa Boutique
Flamingo Villa Boutique Hotel in Walvis Bay – Namibia
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Windhoek – The capital of Namibia

From Windhoek you can also join some day tours, I did these with Chameleon Safaris as well.

 N/a’an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary: 01 Day Wildlife and Culture Experience

To meet the San Tribe and see cheetah.

San Tribe Tour in Namibia
San Tribe Tour with Chameleon Safaris
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

City and Township Tour

To learn about the city and visit a local market.

City and Township Tour in Windhoek
Christ Church in Windhoek
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

Hotels in Windhoek

For dinner get some traditional food at Joe’s Beer House, or go to The Stellenbosch Tasting Room.

You can also go to Warehouse Theatre for a drink and enjoy some live music.

Just please, get a safe taxi number from your hotel as taxi drivers can be quite dodgy there. And don’t walk around the city at night as it is not too safe.

You can stay at Chameleon Backpackersthey have dorms and private rooms as well.

Chameleon Backpackers Private Room
Chameleon Backpackers Private Room
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro

14 Day Itinerary

If you can stay up to 14 days you can also do the 4 day Black Rhino Tracking Safari in Namibia.

Black Rhino Tracking Tour

Spend some time camping in the middle of nowhere, seeing the sky full of stars and being close to the last free black rhinos.

Get discount to do rhino or elephant tracking in Namibia
Black rhino tracking tour
Photo by: Elaine Villatoro


Check it out a video from my 3 days trip to Namibia in 2017.

Now that you know the best things to do in Namibia, chose between our 7, 10 or 14 day itineraries and have fun =)

Namibia is one of my favorite countries so far, I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with it as well.

Elaine Villatoro

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