Find out what makes good, versatile and minimalist clothing for men, and learn how to build a capsule wardrobe with the best outfits.

In our everyday lives, it is really important to save as much time as possible to focus on what really matters to us. One good way to do that, is to have a minimalist wardrobe, which allows us to spend less time choosing what we will dress and leave more time for what we are dressing for. If you are a man, finding minimalist and versatile clothing can be easy, so why not join this movement that goes beyond a fashion style? In this article, we will dive into this concept and give you tips on how to build a capsule wardrobe for men having different minimalist outfits.

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Why any traveler should join the minimalism movement

Minimalism is a movement that encourages people to realize what is really important to them. It is less about possession and more about freedom, being more sustainable by generating less waste, and even saving money over time.

Best minimalist clothing brand for men - Western Rise
My partner, Matthew, wearing Western Rise clothes during our trip to Utah

When you add a capsule wardrobe to your minimalist lifestyle, you also save time, starting from when you wake up and dress up for the day, being able to wear a single outfit in a business meeting, a walk at the park, and even in a restaurant for a dinner date.

What makes good minimalist clothing for men

Here are some characteristics that every men’s minimalist clothing brand should have:

1) Versatility

sustainable clothing brand for men

Versatile clothing has the amazing capability of adapting to your style. You can wear it to many places, occasions, and even in different weather conditions. You can make several minimalist outfits for men with just a couple of pieces since they will match each other.

The biggest secret for interchangeable clothes is in the colors; the more neutral, the better! Try to wear black, blue, beige, gray, or burgundy colors.

2) Timeless style

Bear in mind that classical clothing, with beautiful, well thought, and well-structured cut, is timeless and will always be fashionable.

Minimalist wardrobe for men

3) Functional

versatile travel clothes for business men

Nowadays, we can find clothes made of fabrics that won’t wrinkle, are odor neutralizing, stain-resistant, dry quickly, and even temperature regulating. Why would you opt for anything other than that?

4) Comfort

If the clothes aren’t comfortable enough, you will end up not wearing them regularly. That is a fact! We want breathable fabrics that have a nice touch and stretch if needed.

comfort minimal clothing brand for men

5) Good quality and ethical manufacturing

Minimalist wardrobe and clothing for men

A minimalist person focuses on quality over quantity. Fast fashion has a huge negative impact on the environment. Although they may be cheaper (because they often offer terrible work conditions and exploit their workers), they don’t last long and end up generating a lot of waste.

Go with sustainable fashion instead. Invest your money in minimalist clothing that is ethically sourced, has great technology, and can last for many years.

How to build a minimalist wardrobe for men

We can separate the essentials for a capsule wardrobe for men as the bottom (pants and shorts), top (shirts and t-shirts), outerwear (sweater and jacket), and accessories (hat, socks and shoes).

Start with basic and timeless pieces such as white and black t-shirts, neutral button-up shirts, and dark pants. These elements can serve as a foundation for various outfit combinations and are easily adapted to different occasions. Add a lightweight sweater to create a more refined look. Versatile shoes, like a pair of white or black sneakers and a pair of neutral-toned dress shoes, perfectly complement this minimalist approach.

Another essential aspect is the amount of clothing in your minimalist wardrobe; remember that the goal here is to cut excess and reduce waste. This excess and waste make us take so much time choosing what to wear. A lean wardrobe also is good for the environment since we stop buying so much. Before buying anything, ask yourself:

  • Can I combine the item with at least a couple of pieces I already have in my wardrobe?
  • Can I wear it on both casual and more dressed-up occasions?

Each man may have a different minimalist wardrobe, according to his lifestyle. For example, a businessman may need to have more button up shirts than a personal trainer. Once you have a well-curated men’s capsule wardrobe, making a capsule suitcase for your next trip will be easy.

Minimalist outfit ideas for men

Here are a few suggestions of minimalist and versatile outfits for men’s daily basis and travel:

versatile travel clothes for men
Versatile outfit ideas for men: for travel and daily basis
Brand: Western Rise

Do you want to give these looks a new life? Try adding some accessories. Some good ideas are hats, jewelry, glasses, fancy (or funny) socks, or shoes.

What is the best minimalist clothing brand for men?

Western Rise is a versatile clothing brand that deserves attention among minimalism enthusiasts and travelers. They not only ensure high performance in everyday life but also have highly technological fabrics that complement and facilitate men’s lives. Learn about their technological fabrics:

  • Session: this fabric is ultra-light, quick-drying, and antimicrobial.
  • Movement: stain-resistant, quick-drying, and ultra-light.
  • Evolution: highly durable, stain-resistant, and breathable.
  • Limitless Merino: a fabric that absorbs moisture, regulates body temperature, and neutralizes odors.
  • AT: stain-resistant and durable.
  • Spectrum: stain-resistant, moisture-absorbing, and soft.
  • StrongCore Merino: neutralizes odors and regulates temperature.

Why do we recommend Western Rise

We recommend Western Rise because they have multipurpose clothes and accessories, with great quality and neutral colors. The brand’s goal is for you to focus on what is most important to you; all clothes are designed to be simple, practical, and stylish, which is why they match so well with each other.

You can wear Western Rise versatile clothing for men while traveling, at work, at a friend’s birthday party or at a dinner with your loved one. No matter when, the weather, or what you need to do, their clothes will fit in on every occasion, giving you freedom and efficiency.

I personally fell in love with their products in 2018 when I was searching for versatile clothing for travel and saw how great the Western Rise pants are. Unfortunately, they do not have clothes for women, but my partner has been wearing them and has become a big fan. His favorite pieces so far are:

Western Rise Coupon Code

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Western Rise coupon - versatile travel clothes for men

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FAQs – Capsule wardrobe and versatile travel clothes for men

How many pairs of pants should a man own?

There is no right answer, but we suggest you have three pairs of pants to start your capsule wardrobe and get a couple of minimalist outfits for men.

What is the most versatile clothing brand for men?

Western Rise is a great versatile and minimalist clothing brand. They have everything you need to make a small, smart and cool wardrobe.

Where to buy minimalist clothing?

You can buy minimalist clothing for men at Western Rise brand’s website. Ah, don’t forget to use our coupon code for a 15% discount*.

How many clothes should a minimalist have?

You can make a lot of combinations with 15 pieces of clothes and a few accessories. Ideally, it should have more tops than bottoms (remember, this is just a suggestion 😉!).

What is the best minimalist clothing brand for men?

If you travel often or love practicality, Western Rise is the best option. This minimalist clothing brand uses stain-resistant fabrics, quick-drying, ultra-light, highly durable, breathable and that neutralize odors. Get to know their products here.

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