Everything you need to plan your trip to Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre: How to get there, what to do, where to eat and tips for sustainable tourism in the city.

Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, is full of beautiful, curious, and remote destinations. It was in the Amazonia forest, next to Peru, in a little state called Acre, where I found so many wonders in a city that is known for its manioc flour and the Croa River. Being the second biggest city in Acre, Cruzeiro do Sul (CZS) has a lot of culture and natural beauty to enjoy.

Now I share with you a complete guide from Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre: How to get there, what to do, best restaurants, hotels, and much more.

General Information

Where is Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre?

Cruzeiro do Sul is located in the countryside of Acre, a little more than 630 kilometers (391 miles) from the capital Rio Branco.

Where Cruzeiro do Sul is located on the map:
Onde fica Cruzeiro do Sul Acre Mapa
Google Maps

Part of a famous park called Serra do Divisor is located in this city that borders Peru, near Pucallpa, a region where there are earthquakes. That is the reason why CSZ is the only place in Brazil that has a bridge prepared for those natural events.

What is the population of Cruzeiro do Sul?

The city of Cruzeiro do Sul in Acre has a population of approximately 90,000 people.

When to go to Cruzeiro do Sul?

If the rain is a problem for you, the best time to visit Cruzeiro do Sul is between May and September, which is the dry season. But if you wanna see the Rio Croa during the flood, it is better to go from November until April.
Now, if what you want to see is traditional celebrations, program yourself to go between August 5th to 15th, when the Novenário de Nossa Senhora da Glória happens, the second biggest religious party in the North of Brazil.
Ps: I was in CZS for 10 days in January 2022, and I believe that 40% of the time was raining, but the local people said that at this time usually they expect a lot more rain.

What is the average temperature in Cruzeiro do Sul?

According to climate-data.org estimates, the annual average temperature in Cruzeiro do Sul is about 77ºF (in Brazil we measure temperature in Celsius, in this case, it would be 25ºC, the minimum is about 69ºF and the maximum 86Fº.
temperatura cruzeiro do sul

How is the access to phone and internet in Cruzeiro do Sul?

In the downtown, you have access to both. In a more remote region such as Rio Croa and where some indigenous villages are located, you can’t count on any of these services.

What to do in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre?

You can take a ride on the Rio Croa, take a paratrike flight, hike the Serra do Divisor, visit tourist attractions, visit a flour house, and much more. Check out our complete list of what to do in Cruzeiro do Sul below.

History: economy, native peoples and rubber tappers

In former times, the city that is now known as Cruzeiro do Sul was inhabited by indigenous people of the Pano linguistic family. At this time the Náuas were dominant, but the indigenous people were forced to migrate to Peru due to a large epidemic caused by the arrival of the rubber tappers. Other ethnic groups that remained in the region also suffered a lot in this transition due to the cruelty of the ranchers (bosses) and for having to adapt to a new reality.

At the end of the XIX century people from the North region, especially from Ceará, had a hard time with the droughts. Cheated by the bosses with the promise of a better life, a lot of them migrated to Acre in this new economic cycle called “Rubber Cycle”.

The city was founded in 1904 by Marechal Gregoório Thaumaturgo de Azevedo, and today rubber extraction is no longer the main economic source there. Today the main economic source is flour production and tourism.

Another historic factor in CZS was the immigration of German priests and bishops in 1935, who invested in the city and helped in its development. One of its main legacies is Nossa Sra. Da Glória’s Cathedral, built inspired by German architecture and became a postcard of the city.

How to get to Cruzeiro do Sul

See all the details on how to get to Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre:

Cruzeiro do Sul Airport

The easier way to get there is taking a flight leaving from Rio Branco and arriving at Cruzeiro do Sul Airport, lasting approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you buy in advance you can find tickets starting at R$330/leg on Gol’s website, but at short notice, the price can reach R$2,000* 😱.

Notice that hardly you are gonna find a direct flight from another city that isn’t Rio Claro.

How to get to Cruzeiro do Sul by bus

You can also take a Trans Acreana bus from Rio Branco to Cruzeiro do Sul or from some other city along BR-364.

OriginDurationValue R$
Rio Branco13 to 15 hours depending on the road condition R$160* conventional or R$185* semi-bed (recommended!)
Feijó5 a 6 hoursR$58*
How to get to Cruzeiro do Sul by bus

Extra LMTM tips 🦊: :

  1. Even if it’s possible to buy online tickets, it’s cheaper to buy in one of the Trans Acreana’s agencies, furthermore on internet you can’t always find the semi-bed option.
  2. Check in ClickBus what time the bus leaves the city where you are.
  3. Avoid the back seats, if the bathroom stinks you will be in trouble 😅.
  4. I don’t recommend choose the seats in the first row, because if a disabled person gets on the bus they can put him in his seat (understandable) and you will be moved to the last seat on the bus, next to the stinky toilet (This happened to me – laugh so I won’t cry 🤣).
  5. Bring a neck pillow and a sleeping mask, so your trip can be more comfortable even if it is a long one.
  6. Ear protectors and headphones can help in case someone is snoring or if there is a crying child next to you.
  7. Bring your own toilet paper because sometimes the road bathrooms don’t have it.
  8. Remember to bring water and snacks, because there are just a few stops during the trip.

How to get to CZS by a shared Cab

Some companies do the Rio Branco x Cruzeiro do Sul route in a shared cab, as the driver Luiz +55 (68) 9921-9287 who charges R$230*/leg.

How to get to Cruzeiro do Sul by car

If you prefer more freedom to visit other touristic places, you need to take the road BR-364 and keep your tank full, because it takes a long time to find a gas station on the way.

Keep in mind that this is a complicated road, with a lot of potholes and erosion that demand a lot of care from the driver, especially between Rio Brando and Feijó. Avoid driving at night or in the rainy season, mainly in February, when the conditions of the road it’s even worse.

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How to get around the region

Now that you already know how to get to Cruzeiro do Sul, let’s talk about how to get around the region.

There aren’t hitchhiking apps in CSZ, nether municipal buses, only some vans and intercity buses like the Trans Acreana.

During my trip, I counted on the support of the Tourist Office to get from one place to another, but if I were on my own I would rent a car or use the services of cabs and independent drivers.

Car Rental

See the contact information for car rental companies in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre:

Juruá Locadora de Veículo: +55 (68) 3322-2400

Hotel e Locadora de Veículo: +55 (68) 99989-0022


Praça de Táxi: +55 (68) 99996-0231

Kessler: +55 (68) 9927-6367

Autonomous Drivers

Some people are working as informal drivers because there are no hitchhiking apps in the region and many people need a transfer at a more affordable price. I collected some contacts through indications that I received during my trip:

Charles: +55 (68) 99230-3525

Luiz – transfers up to 10 people to/from Rio Croa in a pickup truck with benches in the bodyple: +55 (68) 9926-6256

Karpe: +55 (68) 9963-0788 

Important! All the above contacts were recommended by people I met during the trip, but Charles and Luiz were the only ones I met personally and used the service. If you use any of these services on your trip I ask you to comment here how the service was, so we can help each other as an informative community😉.

Hotels in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre

Do you want to know where to stay on your trip? Meet the bests inns and hotels in Cruzeiro do Sul:


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Hotel Spa Paraíso

This is the perfect environment for couples who want to relax, families that are looking for contact with nature even if they are in the city, and travelers that are looking for resting after several days on indigenous camping, as I was.

Hotel in Cruzeiro do Sul
Hotel Spa Paraíso
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

What I liked most about the Hotel Spa Paraíso was the attention provided by Doris, who, besides being the owner of the hotel, is a beautician and offers several treatments ranging from relaxing massage to peeling and permanent hair removal.

Another differential here is the breakfast, which is complete and fresh, laid out on a table with a delicate decoration in the restaurant or in the guest bedroom. I don’t know any other place with such an abundant and delicious breakfast in CZS.

With an excellent internet connection and bedroom with a desk to work remotely, this is the best hotel in Cruzeiro do Sul for digital nomads.

Daily rates for a couple with breakfast included are varying between R$179* and R$229*.

Contact: +55 (68) 3322-3249

Address: 5311, 25 de Agosto Ave, Aeroporto Velho

Sesc Cruzeiro do Sul

Opened in 2017, with 63 bedrooms, it is considered by many the best hotel in Cruzeiro do Sul and one of the best in Acre. A little bit far from the city, ideal for those who want to relax in the beautiful Amazon forest or for those who are looking for activities to do with the family.

Sesc has a swimming pool, playground, gym, game room, and a lake with an exclusive deck for the guests. The tracks and activities on the lake must be scheduled. It is possible to kayak, stand up paddle and paddle boat, or even swim there.

Other attractive points are the view from the room that is really beautiful, and the shower is just divine!

On Sesc de Cruzeiro do Sul the breakfast (included in the daily rate) is simple. The daily rate is about R$185* to R$342*/ couple.

Contact: +55 (68) 3311-0050 / (68) 3311-0104

Address: AC 405 highway

Pousada Canto e Encanto Janaína

Founded by Cintia Flores a Peruvian woman, Pousada e Restaurante Canto e Encanto Janaina, located nearby Rio Croa, offers bedrooms with double or single beds, a nice space where you are going to sleep with the sound of nature.

Pousada Rio Croa Cintia Flores

In this space, Cintia also offers forest medicine such as ayahuasca and medicinal baths. This is the perfect place for those who want to rest and absorb the medicinal benefits of the process of living with the indigenous village of the region or simply enjoy the nature and the beauty of waking up in front of this amazing river that Croa is.

The daily rate includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In January 2022 the rate is R$170* for a single, R$280* to R$300* for 2 people in a bedroom with a standard double bed, and R$450* for a triple room.

Hotel in Croa River, Cruzeiro do Sul Acre
Bedroom of the inn at Rio Croa.
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The food here is simply delicious! It’s possible to taste traditional dishes from Brazil and Peru, such as the famous galinha caipira (chicken freely raised) or the Peruvian ceviche. Here is one of the rarest places in Cruzeiro do Sul where it is possible to find vegetarian food.

You can also have a day’s use, the ticket is R$30*. Included access to the internet and the boat ride.

If you want to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony, remember that it is necessary to book it in advance.

Contact: +55 (68) 99612-3009

Address: BR-364, Comunidade Croa – arrange a schedule with the boatman in advance.

Plínio Hotel

If you are looking for a cheaper hotel or next to downtown, is worth considering Plínio Hotel.

It is close to the cathedral and it offers air-conditioner, minibar, electric shower and breakfast is also included.

é equipado com ar-condicionado, frigobar, chuveiro elétrico e café da manhã incluso. Daily rates from R$90* single and R$160* couple.

Contact: +55 (68) 3322-2311

Address: 155 Blvd. Thaumaturgo Ave – Downtown

Things to do in Cruzeiro do Sul

If you thought there wasn’t much to do in Cruzeiro do Sul, you were wrong! 🤩 Check out some of the possibilities here:

Croa River

To begin, let’s talk about my favorite place in CZS, the Croa River (Rio Croa). The Croa river shelter 70 families, former rubber tappers who today live from family agriculture, tourism, and the consecration of ayahuasca tea. This is a wild place, of preservation and respect, so in the Croa River there are even electric fish, snakes, anacondas, piranha, and tracajá.

You can enjoy the river appreciating the wonderful green carpet created by the pasta plant, and the must-knowing, water lily that you can find in different sizes.
This phenomenon usually happens in the summer, when you can also do alligator spotting and the egg-laying turtle.

Important! If you enter the river, you do so at your own risk. After all, as already mentioned it is home to wild animals, and we never know how they might react.

Green plants on Croa River in Acre

A boat tour on the Rio Croa can be done with Neto, it costs R$80* for four people. For more than this quantity, there is a charge of R$20* per person.

If you can’t witness these phenomena, it is still worth a tour along this beautiful river that is in a protected area. Who knows you can even experience the spiritual ritual through the culture of Ayahuasca, really common in this region, especially through the religion of Santo Daime.

While you are in Rio Croa, enjoy eating at the Restaurante Sabor e Lenha, which has the best tambaqui grilled I have ever eaten, or at the Pousada e Restaurante Canto e Encanto Janaína. Both offer typical dishes, but Canto e Encanto Janaína is the only one with a vegetarian option.

Where to eat in Croa River
Grilled Tambaqui at Sabor e Lenha restaurant
Photo: Elaine Villatoro


Boat tour at Rio Croa

Phone: Boatman – Neto +55 (68) 98416-4818

Restaurante Sabor e Lenha

Phone: Danielle +55 (68) 9978-8219

Opening hours: every day, 10 am – 4:30 pm

Pousada e Restaurante Canto Encanto Janaina

Phone: Cintia +55 (68) 99989-9721

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Luiz transfers up to 10 people from and to Rio Croa in a pickup truck.

Phone: +55 (68) 9926-6256

Igarapé preto

Igarapé, which means “stream that originates in the forest and flows into a river” (ponds in English), is one of the attractions that tourists and local people love, especially kids. The name Igarapé Preto is because of its natural formation and dark waters due to the decomposition of the forest. Its water is colder than the others in the region, amazing for hot days.

Igarape Preto - Um dos balnearios de Cruzeiro do Sul
Igarapé Preto – One of Cruzeiro do Sul’s beach resorts
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

There you can find Palafitas Bar e Restaurante that will assist you and guarantee a cold beer.

It is wise to advise that at the weekends and holidays Igarapé Preto usually is full of visitors.

Contact: +55 (68) 99962-0291 / (68) 99239-8165 – Palafitas Bar e Restaurante

Address: AC-405 Balneário Igarapé Preto

Opening hour: everyday, 10 am-5 pm

Balneário João Machado 

Balneário João Machado belongs to Machado’s family, who opened your property about 10 years ago to receive tourists. This is a perfect place for those who want to take a bath in the river while eating good food.

There you will find plenty of shade with the kiosks and buritis trees, barbecue grills to prepare your food, and a restaurant that serves local food, such as galinha caipira and goldfish.

Ticket: R$5*

Contact: +55 (68) 99905-4904

Address: Balneário João Machado 

Opening hours: everyday, 7 am – 7 pm 

Recanto das Águas 

Sítio Recanto das Águas is about 17 miles from Cruzeiro do Sul. The road is paved and easily accessible. It is a private property of João Macapá, a former rubber tapper who decided to build a weir to raise fish and was surprised by the color of the water, opening the space for tourism.

Tickets cost R$5*, where you can enjoy the two ponds, the creek, and a space for children.

Contact: +55 (68) 99972-1572

Address: Ramal do Buritirana

Opening hours: every day, 8 am – 7 pm 

Paratrike flight

How about taking an adventure and getting to know Cruzeiro do Sul from above? This is possible with a paramotor flight (one person) or paratrike (two people). This sport is an adaptation of paragliding that uses the wind to take off, while in the paramotor the heights are reached by a motor that is attached to the athlete’s back.

paratrike flight Rio Croa Cruzeiro do Sul
Paratrike flight at Rio Croa in Cruzeiro do Sul
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

At Aerofly Croa you can do the paratrike flight for R$150* (15 minutes of flight). I did this tour leaving from Rio Croa, but due to the weather conditions, I didn’t get to fly over the river. Anyway, this was no problem at all, because flying over the Amazon forest gave me an incredible feeling!

Besides Croa you can also practice this sport in other regions of the city. Talk to Ueverton for more information.

Contact: +55 (68) 99925-3527 – Ueverton

Address: BR 364, 0,62 miles after Rio Croa bridge.

Opening hour: Schedule in advance

Casa de Farinha do Chico (Flour House)

How about visiting a flour house and enjoying some coffee in the afternoon? Casa de Farinha do Chico has a unique and special recipe passed down from generation to generation.

What to do in Cruzeiro do Sul Acre
Chico doing tapioca in a Saturday afternoon
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

From Monday to Thursday they prepare the flour. The visit is free and it doesn’t need to be scheduled. On Saturday from 3 pm they produce tapioca (a kind of pancake from manioc flour) and they also organize a fair where you can buy products such as cakes, bread, and snacks freshly baked in partnership with Cleicy from Sabores da Cleicy. If you are lucky you will be able to find fresh corn cake or yuca cake still warm.

Contact: +55 (68) 99963-3771 / (68) 99981-9169 / (68) 99240-1591

Address: Tv. da Mangueira, Boca da Alemanha

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 6 am – 5:30 pm / Saturday, 3 pm – 8 pm

Centro Comercial de Produtos Regionais de Cruzeiro do Sul

At Mercado de Produtos Regionais you will find a lot of gastronomic delights, such as the famous manioc flour and its derivatives – biju, tapioca starch, goma cookies -, also take advantage of the opportunity to bring some herbs and oils from the forest and handmade brooms.

Comercio Produtos Regionais de Cruzeiro do Sul Brazil
Mercado de Produtos Regionais in Cruzeiro do Sul
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Address: Desembargador Távora st, Downtown

Casa do Artesão

Do you want to buy beautiful handicrafts from CZS for your house or family and friends? In Casa do Artesão you will find pieces made of straw, wood, beads, among others, all coming from 42 artisans from various indigenous villages and local communities

Casa do Artesao - Things to do in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre Brazil
Casa do Artesão
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Contact: +55 (68) 99292-9675 Nilma

Address: Av. Rodrigues Alves, Centro

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8 am – 11:30 am / 2 pm – 5 pm / 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Saturday – 8 am – 12 pm / 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Monday – 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Marchetaria do Acre

Have you ever heard about marquetry? This technique consists of cutting different woods composing a design. At Marchetaria do Acre you can find pieces of the visual artist Maqueson Pereira da Silva, a man from Acre that is world-renowned for his impeccable art which brings a lot of references from the forest.

Marchetaria Maqueson Acre
Maqueson in front of one of his pieces
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Contact: +55 (68) 3322-6206

Address: 514 Condamine st – Bairro Formoso

Opening hour: Monday to Friday, 8 am – 11 am / 1 pm – 5 pm (Is better to schedule)

Serra do Divisor National Park

Since you are already nearby, go for 26 miles further to get to Serra do Divisor National Park, which has as main attraction the Rio Moa – it begins in Peru and goes until Rio Juruá. This is a marvelous region bordering Peru and is home to riverine and indigenous communities.

To do this tour it is necessary to use the service of a boatman that can transport you in a voadeira (a small speedboat with cover) or in a motorized canoe that takes longer.

Besides Rio Moa you can also visit some waterfalls and sleep at the house of traditional communities.

Cruzeiro do Sul tourist points

Know some of CSZ tourist attractions:

Nossa Sra. Da Glória’s Cathedral & Cruzeiro do Sul’s Procession

Built in 1965, the Catedral Nossa Sra da Glória was built with over 1 million solid bricks from Germany. Its architecture has German inspiration, as we can see this especially in the ceiling. 

A curiosity: the cathedral ceiling was built first then the rest of the structure. After the building was ready it was necessary to raise the roof with hydraulic jacks.

Catedral Nossa Sra. Da Glória Cruzeiro do Sul - Church
Catedral Nossa Sra. Da Glória, one of Cruzeiro do Sul tourist points
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Inside the cathedral, you will find a simple but beautiful structure, with paintings from German artists and one painting of The Woman of the Apocalypse (Apocalypse 12). You can climb to the ceiling by a large ladder.

This saint is also responsible for the second biggest procession from the North of Brazil. 10 days of celebration, losing just for Círio de Nazaré (celebrated in Belém do Pará). On August 15th happens the procession in CSZ, where the Saint is carried by the faithful people. On this date, a fair is also held where you will find handicrafts and food outside the cathedral. It is worth getting to know the festivity.

Address: Rui Barbosa st, Downtown

Cais do Porto

Have you ever seen a pier without water? This is the history of Cais do Porto, historical heritage from Cruzeiro do Sul. This English colonial-style pier, built in 1912, has dual importance for the city:

Attractions in  Cruzeiro do Sul Acre
Cais do Porto at Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre
Photo: Elaine Villatoro
  • First, because it was from there that the city was built, receiving the boats that brought goods from Belém and Manaus.
  • Second, because it is one of the only old buildings that remain in the city, and is an important historical landmark.

Today, because of the alteration of the course of the river, the Cais do Porto is far from the river banks, becoming a central square.

Address: Corner of Des. Távora st and Travessa Mário Lobão

Mirante do Cais

This is a small lookout point where you have privileged a view of the city, plus the map of Acre that is carved into the ground. It is located in the center and you will certainly cross your path walking there.

Address: 231 Travessa Mirante do Cais

Casa dos Ruelas ruins

Casa dos Ruelas is a historical mark in Cruzeiro do Sul, one of the first buildings in the city, made in 1940. Its first owner was a Portuguese called Joaquim Maria Ruela, one of the main and richest rubber tappers in the region.

Casa dos Ruelas - Cruzeiro do Sul tourist points
Casa dos Ruelas – One of Cruzeiro do Sul historic sites
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Although it is in ruins, I particularly found the place very curious and I highly recommend a quick stop so you can check it out.

Address: Corner between Des. Távora st and Travessa Luiz Meirim Pedreira

Rituals and medicines of the forest

I decided to go to CZS because of the Rio Croa and the nature around there, but I was surprised by noticing that it is a really good destination for those who are looking for a spiritual trip. Besides being able to experience at Cintia Flores Guesthouse, let me show you some other options:

Recanto da Jibóia

Recanto da Jibóia was created and founded because a spiritual dream. Located on the highway, close to Rio Croa, today the space works as the seat of Cetiu Unikaua (Center for the Study of Indigenous UNIKAUA Traditions), and it receives people from all around the world to know the forest sacred medicines and indigenous people.

Every Saturday from 8 pm they seal this spiritual commitment through the pajelança (series of rituals guided by the shaman). There you can connect with medicines such as ayahuasca, rapé, sananga, and the “kambô” frog vaccine. 

The space also offers:

  • Trail in the forest to the samaúma tree.
  • Fishing in the three rivers that surround the jibóia.
  • Jungle survival training.
  • Trekking in the river.

As well as experience and take part in spiritual work in villages.

Spiritual trip to Acre - Croa River

The camping area and air-conditioned suites with bathrooms are avaliable and offer all comforts for lodging. I opted for camping.

I discovered this space through the recommendation of some foreigners and had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful ayahuasca ceremony. A curiosity is that during the ritual that I experienced they also brought some references from Umbanda. I particularly found it beautiful to see different beliefs complementing each other. Oh, and if you love music, like me, make sure to check out André Carvalho on guitar and Mauro Filho on percussion, they are really good!

Contact: +55 (47) 9760-3194 – Ysmiruá

Address: BR 364 – Comunidade Croa. After Rio Croa bridge, the first yellow house.

Opening hour: Necessary to schedule

Jiguatera Institute

During our trip, the secretary of Tourism introduced us to the Jiguatera Institute, at Rio Croa. In this wonderful space, Priscila and Danilo have the objective to help people connect with nature and receive the blessings of the forest, regardless of their beliefs.

With them it is possible to camping, rent a room or just visit the space for a couple of hours. All the place applies sustainable initiatives, such as ecological pits, solar panels, and the hiring staff from the region.

Instituto Jiguatera - What to do in Cruzeiro do Sul - Rio Croa

Even with a short visit, I had the opportunity to taste patuá juice (a fruit similar to açaí, but with an almond flavor) and to plant a chacrona (a plant used to do ayahuasca). If you pass by there, look for the little plant with the sign that says “Elaine – Shava Shava” 🥰.

Depending on the length of your stay, the couple can organize rituals and ceremonies with indigenous people from various regions. You will also have the opportunity to follow the cultivation of the vine and the chacrona, which through their mixture you get the ayahuasca tea. In case you just want to relax, you can go hiking, fishing, or hang out in a hammock.

Contact: +55 (68) 9216-9979 – Priscila

Address: Rio Croa

Opening hour: Necessary to schedule

Indigenous Villages

Do you wanna know deeper about the indigenous culture in the region of Cruzeiro do Sul? There you visit people from different ethnicities, such as Puyanawa and Noke Ko´í.

Indigenous village Katukina
Ceremony in Katukina indigenous village
Photo: Elaine Villatoro


With a population of approximately 660 indigenous people, the Puyanawas of Barão, Ipiranga, and Bom Jardim villages, are located in a neighboring municipality called Mâncio Lima. In recent years these people have been doing intense work to rescue their culture.

A curiosity is that the city of Mâncio Lima is named after the colonel, a farm owner, who enslaved these people for a long time and forbade them to speak their native language. Does anyone else think that the city should change its name? ✋.

Noke Ko’í / Katukinas

The Noke Ko’í people, popularly known as Katukina, name given by Funai (National Indigenous Foundation). Part of the people, estimated at 700 indigenous, lives in the municipality of Tarauaca and another part lives at Cruzeiro do Sul, on the BR-364 highway. Their life is still marked by the fight for their space, which up to now, it receives invaders. According to Adriano (Itsomi Varinawa), chief of the Vari Isko village, there are five different clans and ten villages of these people in Cruzeiro do Sul.

Tips for visiting indigenous villages in Acre

  • An authorization from the cacique is necessary to visit the village, and you also have to schedule it.
  • I recommend visiting the village in groups, and not on your own. Unless you have already seen the village and know their dynamic;
  • Most of the villages are in areas without access to phone or internet, making us much more vulnerable. I recommend going in your vehicle, in a group with an agency, or leaving a previously arrange day and time with a driver to pick you up;
  • The tradition and preparation to receive the tourists vary a lot from one village to another, because of that, do all your questions before you visit any of them;
  • Some of the villages are extremely simple, and it is necessary to bring your food;
  • Line up in advance what financial contribution they expect from you, ask what is included and what is part, so there are no surprises;
  • In many villages, the shower is in a mug, and the bathroom is in the bush, be prepared for this.
  • Do you intend to sleep in the village? Bring a hammock or a tent so that you can camp in some corner.

What to do in CZS at night

Are you looking for a party? Check out some tips on what to do in Cruzeiro do Sul at night:

Amnésia Deck Bar

In Amnésia Deck Bar you will find cold beer and live music, that goes from sertanejo, pagode, samba, DJ, and much more.

Address: Copacabana Shopping, room 03, downtown

Deck Wood Bar

What about eating some snacks and relaxing in a nice and acclimatized place? The Deck Wood Bar is a place to have a good chat with friends after a day of walking.

Address: Afonso Pena ave – AABB

Opening hour: Wednesday to Saturday, from 5 pm.

Happy Hour Evolution

If what you are looking for is a good party, you must go to Happy Hour Evolution, which doesn’t skimp on music and lights to create a festive atmosphere in Cruzeiro do Sul. This is where you can dance a good forró and a piseiro. 

Address: 09 Beijamin Constant st

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday, from 5 pm.

Where to eat in Cruzeiro do Sul

The North of Brazil is full of culinary delights, where you can find dishes that are not common in other regions, especially in the Southeast and South of Brazil. In Cruzeiro do Sul’s restaurants you will taste these wonders. You will know açaí root (the one without added syrups and sugar), tapioca gum cookie, tacacá, and much more.

Check here our tips on where to eat in Cruzeiro do Sul:

Delícias da Mary

Mary is an incredible woman who arrived in CZS to allow her son to study. When Mary got to the city she had nothing, but soon she realized that she was an excellent chef and little by little her business has grown. Today Delícias da Mary deliver delicious dishes such as tacacá and rabada no tucupi, which are very popular in the region.

Where to eat in Cruzeiro do Sul
Tacacá at the Delícias da Mary restaurant in Cruzeiro do Sul
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Tacacá comes with shrimp, goma, jambu and tucupi. I loved this dish, and the price was very affordable: R$20*.

Contact: +55 (68) 99937-5660 / (68) 99972-8774

Address: 1922, Cel. Mâncio Lima avenue

Opening hours: everyday, 6 pm to 10 pm.

Rei do Burguer

Rei do Burguer is the best hamburger of Cruzeiro do Sul, and some people even say that it is the best in the state, because of their artisanal hamburgers.

Rei do Burguer - Restaurant in Cruzeiro do Sul
Burguer Raclette in Rei do Burguer
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

My favorite was the hamburger with raclette, a cheese that is melted on the spot and put on your burger. I tried it and it was delicious. They also offer hot dogs, fries, and Colorado beer in their menu.

Contact: +55 (68) 99999-9300 / +55 (68) 99235-9999

Address: Av. Vinte e Oito de Setembro, 373-485 – Escola Técnica

Opening Hour: everyday, 6:30 pm – 11 pm.

Laynkaza Restaurante

Traditional restaurant of the region, excellent for those who want to prove galinha caipira and a delicious passion fruit juice.

What to eat in Acre
Galinha caipira, one of the traditional plate in Acre
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Among Laynkaza‘s popular dishes is also duck in tucupi, but beware, it must be ordered a day in advance.

Contact: +55 (68) 99972-7414

Address: 703 Estrada do Canela Fina, Boca da Alemanha

Opening hours: every day, 10 am – 10 pm.

Band Lanche

Do you know that kibbeh in Acre is made of manioc and rice? I had no idea 😅. If you want to try this typical Acre food you can stop by the Band Lanche stall, which is located on the main avenue.

Kibe - typical dish in Acre
Kibe – Comida tipica do Acre
Foto: Elaine Villatoto

Address: Rodrigues Alves avenue

GH Cafeteria

How about a good coffee or a cappuccino in a nice place? In GH Cafeteria (coffee shop) you can find pão de queijo (a Brazilian little bread made with cheese) with guava jelly, banana cake, quiches, snacks and much more.

Contact: +55 (68) 99201-9101

Address: 599 Copacabana ave, Floresta

Opening hour: Monday to Thursday, 7 am – 8 pm / Friday to Saturday, 7 am -10 pm

Extra LMTM tip 🦊: Taste the fruits from Acre

On the road, on the way to Rio Croa, it is common to find some places where seasonal fruits are sold. Make a quick stop and get to know the fruits of this region of the country.

Things to do and where to eat in Cruzeiro do Sul
Elaine getting to know the fruits of Acre

What to bring in your suitcase

The weather in Cruzeiro do Sul is usually hot and humid, but you may be surprised to find the temperature dropping to around 15º, which is not very cold, but cold enough to need warmer clothing. So take a look at the weather forecast, or check with the place you are staying to see what the weather is like on those days.

In general, bring in your suitcase

  • Hiking Clothes and Accessories
  • Light clothing with sun protection
  • Sneakers for walking in the city
  • Bathing suit for rivers and spas
  • Long knit sweater or fleece for cooler nights
  • Waterproof clothes and shoes for protection from the rain
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and repellent (biodegradable if possible)
  • Reusable bottle, cup and cutlery

If you check out our Instagram’s stories you will notice that I’ve used a lot of waterproof and sun-protective clothing.

Extra LMTM tips 🦊 in case you want to participate in village immersions or medicinal work:

  • Take heavier clothing and even a blanket or sleeping bag. The temperature at night tends to drop in open spaces, and cold weather can also be one of the effects of medicine (if you use them). 
  • Ask in advance if the place has a dress code, in some rituals women and men must wear certain types of clothing.
  • Women, take a round skirt to the rituals. It’s amazing how we reconnect with our feminine while dancing around the bonfire in a skirt 😍. I received this tip before the trip and it was extremely valid!
  • Take a tent, insulation, sleeping bag or hammock so you can camp. Having camping equipment with me at all times on this trip opened up several opportunities for me to meet villages and participate in rituals that take place throughout the night and require us to take some rest time afterwards.

Sustainable tourism

Cruzeiro do Sul is a very special city full of nature in its surroundings, and to keep it that way, here are some tips on how to practice sustainable tourism:

Avoid generating waste

Many places in Brazil, especially those far away from the big centers, are not prepared to receive garbage and to separate it. Therefore, avoid generating waste, give preference to those things that you peel and do not unwrap.

A good alternative is also to see if the place you are staying does recycling and what materials are actually recycled. If not, take the packaging back to your home and dispose of it properly.

Never, ever, throw garbage on the ground or into nature

Going on a hike or hiking trip? Always have a bag or backpack to store your waste until you can dispose of it properly. Even small things, like candy wrappers. Nature is not prepared to deal with this kind of waste and animals eat it or it can also end up in the rivers. If possible, pick up any trash you find along the way.

Use biodegradable products whenever possible

In natural places, especially if you are staying near the river, it is very important to have natural and biodegradable products, since there will not be a big sewage treatment. Today there are great natural options for shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, repellent, and all the items needed for daily hygiene.

Respect the local community and its traditions

Keep your mind open to beliefs and habits that are different from yours. This is a very important thing in any destination you go to and it is what makes travel rich. Cruzeiro do Sul has much to teach us about spirituality and community.

Leave nature alone

It is important to know that nature is not a souvenir or decorative accessory. Avoid buying handicrafts that contain bird feathers or other animal parts. Oh, and please, no climbing on a Victoria Regia in the Croa River or poking animals around!😉

Be a multiplier

When you take pictures and post them on social networks telling your friends about the beauties of Cruzeiro do Sul, remember to also convey the message of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Are you ready to visit Cruzeiro do Sul? I loved this city and can’t wait to be back and be able to visit Serra do Divisor. If you want to know a little more about this trip, check out our featured stories on Instagram.

* The costs mentioned in this article are from January 2022 and are subject to change at any time.

Gratefulness: Throughout this trip, we had the support of the Cruzeiro do Sul Secretary of Tourism and Entrepreneurship. The lodging at Sesc, Hotel Spa Paraíso and Plínio Hotel were complimentary, as well as the meals at Laynkaza, Rei do Burguer, Delícias da Mary and Sabor e Lenha in Rio Croa. But you can rest assured that all the opinions expressed here are sincere and based on our experience.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or maybe a compliment? Leave your comment here. Your feedback is always important to us! 😊

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