Find out where in Brazil is Monte Verde located, what is the best time to visit, what are the best things to do there during your trip and much more.

Monte Verde is known as a romantic destination in the middle of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, which combines charm and nature. In the south of the state of Minas Gerais, almost bordering the state of São Paulo and at 1,555 meters of altitude, this district of the city of Camanducaia offers much more than scenery for a honeymoon.

The combination of beautiful landscapes and great cuisine is guaranteed, plus tours and attractions for all audiences throughout the year. With festivals in high season and at Christmas, where the entire city is decorated and illuminated with thousands of lights, Monte Verde lives and breathes tourism.

In this article, you will find a practical guide that will help you plan your trip, explaining where is the village, how to get there, when to go, what to pack, and of course, what to do in Monte Verde by day, by night, with rain or sun, whether you are with your lover or traveling as a family. Lets go?!

Where is Monte Verde?

Although Monte Verde is located in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, the trip is shorter for those leaving São Paulo. This is because Camanducaia, the municipality where Monte Verde is located, is practically on the border between the states. It is 165km away from São Paulo, capital of the state, to Monte Verde and 484km for those leaving Belo Horizonte.

Where is Monte Verde on the Map

onde fica Monte Verde no mapa

How to get to Monte Verde

To get to Monte Verde, it is necessary to head to Camanducaia, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, almost bordering the state of São Paulo. The roads are easy and paved, but from Camanducaia to Monte Verde the road is very winding and may cause nausea to passengers along the way.

How to get to Monte Verde by car

The trip from Belo Horizonte lasts 6h30. The path is the Fernão Dias Highway (BR-381), passing the city of Betim and taking the exit no. 918 to Highway Dep. Agostinho Patrus, meaning city of Camanducaia. Then, just follow the signs to Monte Verde, for more 30km.

For those leaving São Paulo, it takes 2h:30, the same time to the city of Campos do Jordão, for example. The route is by Fernão Dias Highway (BR-381) via Guarulhos, passing through the city of Atibaia towards Camanducaia. There will be a total of two toll booths along the way. Take exit no. 918 for Camanducaia and then follow the signs for Monte Verde.

How to get to Monte Verde by bus

From both São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, there is no direct bus to Monte Verde. It is necessary to go to the cities of Camanducaia or Cambuí, and from there, take a bus to Monte Verde through Viação Cambuí company.

For those leaving Belo Horizonte, the ideal is to go to Pouso Alegre city, and from there, take another bus to Camanducaia or Cambuí.

The company Expresso Gardênia has daily departures from Belo Horizonte to Pouso Alegre.To go by bus to Monte Verde, departing from São Paulo, the companies Viação Bragança and Viação Cambuí provide departures from the Tietê Bus Terminal to Camanducaia or Cambuí.

The last bus stretch to Monte Verde is not available for online purchase.

Attention: Always check the departure and arrival times for each section to make sure you can do the entire route in a single day.

How to get around Monte Verde

This district has only one paved avenue and many unpaved streets, so it is clear that to get around Monte Verde better it is worth going by car. For those traveling by bus, the tip is to stay close to the center, once it’s even better to circulate among the various options of restaurants, galleries and shops. There is also paid parking in this area.

Regardless of whether you are by car, motorbike or on foot, there are always day trips with transport included, however it is not recommended in times of pandemic.

How is the weather and temperature in Monte Verde

With a tropical climate altitude, Monte Verde has a more rainy and mild summer, with a cold and dry winter. Even in the hottest months, January and February, temperatures do not exceed 24/25 ° C during the day and cooling at night.

Due to its mountain topography, the temperature variation is greater compared to other places. It is possible to start at 24ºC in the center and reach one of the viewpoints, as on the Pedra Redonda Trail, with a much lower thermal sensation due to the winds at the top.

The best time to visit Monte verde

When to go to Monte Verde

Visiting Monte Verde is a good option all year round, both to enjoy nature and to enjoy the chill of Serra da Mantiqueira.

In the period between April and August, it is possible to notice an increase in rates and accommodation capacity. That’s because the tourist peak season happens during the winter, when temperatures drop and it hardly rains. This condition can extend until autumn, when the weather remains firm and with lower temperatures.

If you want to visit it in the cold weather and without so many people, consider going in April, May or August, and of course, avoid weekends and holidays.

From December to March, during the summer, temperatures are milder and more pleasant. And as it is the wettest time of the year, prices are falling due to low demand. With the exception of September, which is considered the rainiest month, spring is also a good option. Places will be more colorful with seasonal flowers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How many days to stay in Monte Verde?

Monte Verde itself is a small city, but the variety of attractions is inversely proportional. In three days, you can get to know the basics, but the ideal is to set aside 5 days to be able to enjoy the region better and still rest.

Is Monte Verde open?

Monte Verde is open but with entry control for visitors. Establishments cannot exceed the maximum capacity requested by the city hall of Camanducaia during the pandemic. Accommodation requests name and CPF/ID for registration and proof of reservation will be requested from visitors, by an ordinance upon entering the district.

Should I travel to Monte Verde in times of pandemic?

There is always a risk when choosing to travel for leisure during the pandemic. If you decide to travel, try to minimize the risk of contagion from COVID-19 by visiting during the week. The concentration of travelers on weekends and holidays is greater and the destination is packed with day tourists. Also, don’t forget the well-known precautions, such as mandatory use of mask and 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and keep 1.5 m social distance.

What to do in Monte Verde with children?

If you go to Monte Verde with children you can visit the Oschin Park, the Radical Farm, the Monte Verde Chocolate Factory, Ice Skating or check out the Ice Bar.

What to do in Monte Verde with rain?

Take the opportunity to enjoy the attractions and activities that take place indoors, such as the Monte Verde Chocolate Factory, Tour of the Fritz Brewery, ice skating, the DIY Bar, Ice Bar, having a relaxing massage, as well as enjoying the bars and restaurants.

Things to do in Monte Verde

Mountains and cold weather always refer to fireplace, wine, fondue and romance and, in this regard Monte Verde does not disappoint at all. But the coolest thing about this place is that it goes further, delivering attractions and activities for the whole family through ecotourism, great food, adventure, relaxation and much more. Find out now what to do in Monte Verde:

Fazenda Radical (Radical Farm)

Fazenda Radical: Elaine rides an UTV and enjoys the sunset in Monte Verde, Brazil
Fazenda Radical – Elaine rides an UTV and enjoys the sunset in Monte Verde
Photo: Talita Donha

With several adventure attractions, the Fazenda Radical complex is an option for all ages. It offers activities such as zipline (including children’s), tree climbing, climbing, quadricycle, UTV, archery and slackline.

The values of the activities range from R$30* (archery, zipline kids) to R$300* (utv), with the slackline being free (by appointment). 

Schedules and purchases of activities can be made on the website, which also offers discounted activity ‘combos’, such as: Mega Zipline + Climbing + Archery at R$126*.

The Radical Farm is located 8km from the village of Monte Verde, so consider this time from the trip to the tour.

Location: Agostinho Patrus Highway, at Km 5.

Oschin Park

If you want to know what to do in Monte Verde with children, the Oschin Park is the perfect place. There are 45,000 m² with light trails, playground, lake, cave, picnic area, etc.

Parque Oschin Monte Verde MG
Parque Oschin em Monte Verde, MG
Foto: Elaine Villatoro

It is also possible to have lunch on site with a typical menu of German cuisine or in the German snack trailer. We tasted the fondue and it was divine!

In winter, Oschin Park organizes a typical Brazilian seasonal party called Arraiá, but apparently it won’t happen in 2022.

Location: Mantiqueira Street, n.1460

Fazenda Pica-Pau (Woodpecker Farm)

Fazenda Pica-Pau: Olive oil tasting in Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil
Fazenda Pica-Pau: Olive Oil Tasting in Monte Verde
Photo: Talita Donha

At Fazenda Pica-Pau it is possible to make scheduled visits to get to know up close the wonders of olive growing and extra virgin olive oil.

There are two types of visits: Olival (R$50*) and Gourmet (R$120* adults, R$60* up to 12 years old). In both, there is a guided tour of the olive grove, explanations about olive growing, location and explanations about oil extraction, oil tasting with bread produced on the farm. In the Gourmet visit, a lunch with the farm’s menu is added.

In normal periods, without the pandemic, the Pica Pau Farm offers stargazing with an astronomer. This activity remains suspended, but I confess that I would easily return to Monte Verde just to live this experience.

Location: Velha Municipal Farm Road, km 15. The road is unpaved and conditions are not always good, especially after rain. Although we managed to arrive with an Onix, a taller car like a 4×4 might be necessary.

Contact: 11 99909-9595 – WhatsApp

Fritz Brewery Tour

Taking advantage of the similarities with the European climate, why not take a tour of the Fritz Brewery? It is possible to learn about the entire process of making an authentic German craft beer.

The ‘fritz tour’ must be booked in advance and it lasts about 35 minutes, presented in person by the master brewer Jörg Franz Schwabe. The price is R$40* per person, only on weekends, and at the end there is a toast, beer of course.

The brewery is open to the public, only the tour must be booked at the restaurant attached to the factory.

Location: Rolinha Street, n.10

Monte Verde Avenue

The charm of the buildings that refer to a European style is an invitation to walk along Monte Verde Avenue. It is a delight to walk around the place, which has the highest concentration of restaurants and shops in the village. Among the highlights are:

Galleries at Monte Verde Avenue
Galleries at Monte Verde Avenue
Photo: Elaine Villatoro
  • Swiss Gallery
  • Gallery of Flowers
  • Gallery of Stars
  • Barn Shopping Center

There are several galleries with more shops inside that sell handicrafts, handmade soaps, blankets, warm socks, treats etc.An unpretentious walk can end up with some tea or coffee with a natural handmade biscuit, as the Gallery of Flowers has a natural artisan biscuit inside, the Piparkukas.

Take one of the Monte Verde trails

Better than being close to nature, is walking in it. Due to its location in Serra da Mantiqueira, Monte Verde has some trail options.

Pico do Selado: One of the best hikes in Monte Verde, Minas Gerais - Brazil
Pico do Selado: One of the best trails in Monte Verde
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

These are trails with levels ranging from easy to difficult, some can be done on your own, but the ideal is to hire one of the more than 40 local agencies. Look for responsible agencies, such as Uai Agência de Passeios. That’s because it is a preservation area and some of them pass through private properties.

You can adventure on one of the following Monte Verde trails:

  • Pedra Partida
  • Trail of Pinheiro Velho
  • Chapéu do Bispo
  • Pico do Selado
  • Trail of Pedra Redonda
  • Trail of Platô
  • Pico da Onça
  • Tail São Francisco Xavier
  • Trailof Jorge
  • Trail of Corredeiras do Itapuá.

Contact: Mastrangelo from Uai Passeios +55 35 8845-4176

Airport Lookout

The Airport Lookout view is one of the most sought after, because you can see all the peaks of Monte Verde. The airport is considered one of the highest in Brazil, located about 1600m altitude.

Currently, all flights are suspended, but previously, the airport only received private flights. Despite this, the view, combined with the araucarias, makes up a beautiful setting. Good photos also for graffiti on site.

Location: Airport Street, n.740


Have you ever thought about making art while enjoying a good drink? This is the proposal of the DIY Bar, with the concept “Do It Yourself”.

At this bar, located in Hortênsias Pousada Boutique, the artist Paula Bars teaches you how to make art. You can choose to learn mosaic, napkin decoupage, or even Bauer painting, typical of the region. Reservations can be made via WhatsApp and it is not necessary to be a guest.

Location: Europa Street, n.125.

Contact: WhatsApp 11 99511-5314

DIY Bar Monte Verde MG

Jams Edelweiss

We know that homemade jams tend to be better, and with Edelweiss Jams it’s no different. Dr Edmundo learned the recipe while in Vienna, Austria and built a factory in Monte Verde after retiring.

Fruits are from producers that are rigorously evaluated from planting, harvesting, storage and hygiene. The entire preparation process is 100% handcrafted, without excess sugar and prices start at R$22*.

Location: Swiss Gallery, Monte Verde Avenue, n.856

Chocolate Factory from Monte Verde Chocolateria

Monte Verde offers everything, including Fábrica de Chocolates, as is Chocolateria Monte Verde. There you can see the production of chocolates and pick up a bag to fill with goodies at the factory store.

Fabrica de Chocolates Monte Verde
Chocolate Factory
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Chocolateria Monte Verde also serves hot chocolates from R$5*, mini fondue from R$12* and a large number of other items with chocolate as the main ingredient.

LMTM tip: The different kinds of chocolate are really delicious and the white chocolate truffle with powdered milk and filled with nutella is a must.

Location: The factory is at Sol Nascente Avenue, n.1945 but they also have a store at Monte Verde Avenue, n.1061.

Lavender on the Balcony

The Lavenders Therapeutic on the Balcony Space is a therapeutic space created in the middle of nature, for the well being of the body. It offers various therapeutic procedures such as reflexology, reiki, Indian lymphatic drainage, Pina Sweda, among others that aim at physical and physiological benefits.

It is possible to make appointments from 10 am to 6 pm through the website or WhatsApp 35-99880-9418, all appointments last 2 hours. The values of the procedures vary between R$150* (Skull-Facial Massage) to R$500* (combined, eg Shiatsu + Access Bar).

Location: Sítio Encantos da Terra, Camanducaia Road, km 17,5 around 400m from the asphalt.

Contact: Site

Orchidarium of Monte Verde

The Monte Verde Orchidarium has 1500 different species of orchids. Among these beautiful plants, there are also bromeliads, cactus, succulents and 150 species of carnivorous plants.

The orchid house is open from Friday to Sunday and holidays, for free visits and to buy seedlings. It also offers lectures on the cultivation of plants, but for the time being, without forecast due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Location: Sol Nascente Avenue, n.1000

Watch the sunset

Romantic or not, let’s agree that a beautiful sunset is a wonderful way to end a day, isn’t it? In Monte Verde you can watch a sunset from the top of a mountain at the end of a trail, on a quad bike ride or in a condominium overlooking the Serra da Mantiqueira. It will always be beautiful.


This is another one of those simple things in life that everyone likes! All you need is a towel, some delicious food and, if possible, a beautiful view to enjoy while you chat with your love, your family or friends.

Picnic in the mountains
Picnic in the mountains
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The photo above was taken during a picnic that Uai Passeios organized at the end of the hike we did to Pico do Selado. If you want them to organize something very special for you, just get in touch.

Contact: Mastrangelo from Uai Passeios +55 35 8845-4176

Ice skating

Not sure what to do in Monte Verde in the rain? An indoor attraction that pleases the whole family is the Monte Verde Ice Skating. The skating rink even has a kind of walker so that children under six years old can also have fun.

The track is open year-round, closing only on Tuesdays. You can skate for R$70* and all entertainment equipment is provided on site.

Location: Monte Verde Avenue, n.1463.

Ice Bar

Have you ever thought about attending a bar made entirely of ice, even the glasses? In Monte Verde, you can have this experience with around 18 tons of ice from the Ice Bar. The bar provides specific coats and gloves to withstand temperatures as low as -20ºC inside, where even the chandelier is made of ice. The entry fees vary for 4 to 10 years old: R$30* (with 1 drink), over 11 years old R$60* (with 1 drink) or R$70* (with two drinks).

In addition to the drinks, you will find ice sculptures that make great pictures, with the heart and ice throne being the champions in demand.

Location: Monte Verde Avenue, s/n. At the corner of Jacutinga Street.

Contact: Site or WhatsApp 35-3438-2049

Relaxing massage

Woman getting a Rrlaxing massage
Elaine during a relaxing massage with Gisele Oliveira at Hortênsias Pousada Boutique
Photo: Talita Donha

After a busy day, it’s a good idea to relax with a massage. The massage therapist Gisele Oliveira offers assistance in lodgings and residences in Monte Verde. Appointments can be made via WhatsApp, and you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage without having to move from your place.

Contact: WhatsApp 35 99973-2125.


Also enjoy the festivals that take place in Monte Verde. This year, 2021, there will be three simultaneous festivals: Love In The Mountains, Winter Festival from 06/11 to 08/15, the Festival of Gastronomy will be on 08/13. There will be 64 days of attractions, parades, typical dishes and themed decoration.

At the end of the year, Monte Verde is preparing for the Christmas Festival, which usually starts in the last half of November.


Trilha em Monte Verde na Villa Coracao
Exclusive trail at Villa Coração
Photo: Talita Donha

Monte Verde has several accommodations with excellent service and they often offer different activities on site. As already mentioned, the DIY Bar is located inside of Hortênsias Pousada Boutique. At Villa Coração, they have an exclusive trail for guests, where you can check out a beautiful view of the mountains that surround the region.

Check it out our article with the best hotels in Monte Verde, Brazil.

What to pack for Monte Verde

Elaine wears Columbia Sportswear
Elaine Villatoro wearing hiking gear
Photo: Talita Donha
  • Sunscreen (preferably biodegradable)
  • Sunglasses
  • Moisturizing cream for the face and body
  • Lip Balm
  • Winter clothes (fleece jacket, coat, second skin, warm sock)
  • Hiking gear (pants, waterproof jacket, backpack and hiking boots)
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* Available in certain markets and periods only.

See, how can Monte Verde surprise you? Which of these rides are you excited to do first?

P.s.: This trip was made at the invitation of Assimptur and the Commercial Association of Monte Verde. Our accommodation at Hortênsias Pousada Boutique and Villa Coração were a courtesy, as well as the activities of Uai Passeios, Radical Farm, Oschin Park, DIY Bar, Pica-Pau Farm, Chocolate Factory and the Massage with Gisele. But rest assured, all opinions expressed here are sincere and reflect our experiences there.

* The costs were collected in May/2021 and were informed for reference only.

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