Laje de Santos Diving

Have you thought of scuba diving in São Paulo? Scuba diving at Laje de Santos may be the right option for you!

When you live in SP you need to escapes from this busy and crazy city and connect with nature at times.

To get to Laje from the city you need to drive 1 hour (not too far for a dive lover), and then take an 1 and a half hour boat trip.

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It is good to remind you that the boat trip may not be too nice with those who get seasick easily.

If you are used to take some seasick pills prior to a dive I would definitely recommend you take it prior to this one.

You may see some dolphins along the way to that beautiful rock in the middle of the sea which will be waiting for you to find out what is down under it.

Scuba diving at Laje de Santos

Check it out the video that we made during our dive in Laje de Santos in December/2016.

If it is sunny, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat.

If you would like to record some precious moments with a camera, I can personally say that GoPro rocks, I also used their red filter that improves the images a lot.

This trip was organised by Cedeira Dive.Please see the contacts below in case you are interested.

They always serve a delicious hot dog in the break, everyone loves it! And Dalton from Cedeira Dive is very responsible, I feel very safe diving with him.


A lot of people have been using Waze to get to the Marina, but I would like to recommend you not to take the exit they mention at Imigrantes Highway as it refers to a bad neighborhood and we are aware of some incidents there.

While at Imigrantes Highway just follow the signs to the Shopping Mall in Praia Grande and then return when you get there.

I hope you have fun!


Marina’s address

Rua Japão, 391 – Marina Tune II – Japuí – São Vicente – SP

Cedeira Dive (Dalton)

Cedeira Dive website.

If you contact Dalton to book a trip or dive classes, let him know that you have read about them on Live More, Travel More website.

If you speak Portuguese you can even get a discount in the diving classes and certifications.

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