Ekôa Park: sustainability, connection and adventure in the Atlantic Forest!

In the middle of the Atlantic Forest, Ekôa Park is a place full of meanings. Have you ever imagined a place where you can learn about sustainability and connection with nature in a fun, inspiring and authentic way? This is exactly what Ekôa’s mission is: to promote people’s reconnection with nature that exists within and around themselves. The park invites us to have a true immersion in the largest remaining area of the Atlantic Forest on the coast of Paraná State in the city of Morretes.

Expressing multiple meanings, the word “Ekôa” originally came from the indigenous language Tupi Guarani and means “dwelling-place”. But the name of the park goes further, referring to the word “ecology” and the verb “echo”. The park develops learning experiences that arouse multiple sensations through contemplation, senses, art and adventure for all ages.

Ekôa Park - Connection with nature - Atlantic Forest
Elaine learning that in a hand size amount of soil there is more life than in the world population
Photo: Brenno Carvalho

Everyone learns about nature by spending time inside of it. Children find activities such as painting, collage-making, planting, and adventure, while adults learn about ways in which nature adapts to changes that can be applied even in their everyday lives and at work. Without any doubt, Ekôa Park is an experience that can not be skipped on your itinerary in Paraná. So we have prepared this post with valuable information that will help you organize your visit to Ekôa Park.

Ekôa Park Location

Ekôa has a privileged location on the Paraná coast, in the city of Morretes, about 60 km from Curitiba.

The park covers an area of 250 hectares and is located in the largest continuous area of remaining Atlantic Forest in Brazil. The importance of having a park like this inserted in the heart of the Atlantic Forest is immense, after all, we currently have just something around 7% of the original area of this forest in our territory.

How to get to Morretes

To get to Morretes there are several options. You can go by car, train, shuttle or bus from Curitiba, the capital of Paraná.

By Train

One of the most interesting options is making this trip by train from Curitiba to Morretes. The company Serra Verde does this trip every day, and is lasts about 4 hours.

Morretes train
Making the route between Curitiba and Morretes by Serra Verde’s train with the breathtaking Atlantic Forest landscape

And we have some good news for those who travel with pets: this train has a Pet Wagon, the first in Brazil. This wagon has panoramic windows, tables and lounges for up to 4 people where pets can travel alongside their owners in waterproof beds. Amazing, isn’t it?!

By Car

If you want more autonomy and flexibility, a great option is to rent a car and make the trip yourself to Morretes. As we said, the park is about 60 km from Curitiba, and there are two possible routes from the capital and the journey takes about 1h15min.

Opting for BR 116, follow the Estrada da Graciosa (PR 410) towards São João da Graciosa. If you prefer taking the BR 277 to the coast, the access is by the BR 408 towards Morretes/Antonina, and from there to São João da Graciosa.

To rent a car, take a look at the options on RentCars website.

Shuttle van from Curitiba

There are also some companies for tourists transfer from Curitiba to Morretes doing this trip many times a day.

Bus Curitiba/Morretes

It is possible to take a bus from Curitiba to Morretes with Viação Graciosa. The trip is made 10 times a day, being a very flexible way to go to Morretes.

Best time to visit Ekôa Park

The best time to visit the park depends on the weather you want to find there. The annual average is 21ºC, with the coldest month being June and the warmest month being January. In general, we can say that Morretes is colder than Curitiba. However, during the summer, the weather is hot and humid, and February is the wettest month.

Avoid going in the rainy season, because a few sections of the main road can get very dangerous.

What to do at Ekôa Park

Ekoa Park Fotos

Ekôa Park was designed to promote connection with nature in the most genuine and inspiring way. There are many activities in the Park that awaken the senses and make you discover nature in a totally different way, either on a trail or on a balloon flight.

#1 Trails

Ekôa has 3 thematic trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. They have difficulty levels between low and moderate, are well signposted (including in English) and can be made by a diversified audience.

– Mata Trail

The trail called “Trilha da Mata” has 553 meters surrounded by beautiful artistic interventions that shows different curiosities of nature and dynamics of biome interactions.

– Birds Trail

The trail called “Trilha das Aves” is perfect for birdwatching lovers, with a beautiful observation tower of 15 meters high, from where you can see exclusive species of the Atlantic Forest.

– Peabiru Trail

The trail called “Peabiru” is one of the most interesting, as it tells the story of the Peabiru Trail, an ancient indigenous road that linked Paraná to Peru, that crossed 4 Latin American countries. The origin of the trail linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific is still being studied by researchers, but it is known that it was used by the Incas for over 900 years, and was also used back in the colonial period by explorers in the south of the country.

In Ekôa Park, the story of the Peabiru Trail is told through panels where the visitor can actively learn by associating the images with the descriptive plates.

Peabiru Trail - Atlantic Forest
Peabiru Trail
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

#2 Balloon Flight and Rappelling

In this experience the balloon rises 40 meters high from where it is possible to have a privileged view of the region, with Serra do Mar landscape and the stunning Atlantic Forest. If you want even more excitement, you can go rappelling from the balloon and feel the adrenaline!

#3 Tree Climbing

The tree climbing at Ekoa has 240 meters of treetop circuit, which has about 23 platforms and bridges in a real adventure. At the end there is a zip line to complete the circuit.

Tree Climbing at Ekôa Park - Atlantic Forest
Tree Climbing at Ekôa Park
Photo: Brenno Carvalho

#4 Zip Line

The Ekôa has a 160 meter long zip line over a lake at the end of the tree climbing circuit (but it can be done separately).

Zip Line at Ekôa Park
Zip Line at Ekôa Park
Photo: Brenno Carvalho

#5 Courses and Workshops

The park also frequently offers courses in the area of environment and sustainability. There are several workshops and activities on environmental systems, bioconstruction, planting, natural painting and laboratory experiments. You can check the schedule here.

Workshop about planting at Ekôa Park
Workshop about planting at Ekôa Park

#6 Playground

For those who go with kids, the park also offers a super cool playground made of wood and built amidst the lush nature of the Ekôa.

Oka Gastronomy

At Ekôa there is also a restaurant offering a delicious buffet of homemade food and regional dishes with fresh ingredients produced in the park and region. One of the dishes you need to try is “Barreado”, a traditional dish from Morretes, made over more than 300 years.

And after lunch, resting in the Ekôa hammock area is a great choice! The hammocks are hanging by the trees in an environment where you can take a deep breath and enjoy nature.


Tekôa at Ekôa Park
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Every corner of Ekoa has been planned to awaken your connection with nature, thinking of a relationship built between humans & nature in a healthy and sustainable way.

One of the park’s highlights is Tekôa, a sustainability laboratory designed to educate and inspire sustainability. The space was built using techniques of bioconstruction, permaculture and material reuse, such as the roof made by toothpaste tubes. Tekôa hosts most of the courses, workshops and experiences promoted by Ekôa, as well as activities for children and the laboratory for biodiversity experiments.

Another interesting detail that is worth mentioning is that Ekôa contributes to the local economy by employing people from the region.


Another concern of Ekôa Park is accessible travel. The park is equipped with ramps, and has adapted restrooms and spaces exclusively for visitors with reduced mobility.

Hours of Operation

The park is open to the public for day use on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9am to 5pm.*


The Ekôa Park Day Use Ticket costs R$ 90* the full price ticket and R$ 45* the half price ticket. Check here the conditions of application for half entry and the prices for individual activities.


  1. You can ask at the front desk if you want a guided visitation;
  2. Bring sunscreen and repellent;
  3. Use proper shoes for trekking.

Tree hug - Atlantic Forest
A big hug!
Photo: Brenno Carvalho

Take this opportunity to reconnect with nature and its essence. Then tell us how was your experience =)

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