Step by step of how to get to Boipeba coming from Salvador, Morro de São Paulo, Barra Grande or even Ilhéus.

If you have reached this article, you probably have already found out that Boipeba Island is one of the most incredible beaches and nature destinations in Brazil (that’s the reason why I chose to live here!😍). Getting to Boipeba is a challenge, but it’s one of those worth it, you know?! Gradually I understood that the difficulty of access is what makes the island such a preserved and unique place, making the logistics easier would be a big trap. After entering and leaving this island several times, we mapped all the possibilities of how to go to Boipeba, whether by land, air or sea, leaving from Salvador, Morro de São Paulo or even Ilhéus, and we prepared a detailed guide to facilitate your journey to paradise. Let’s get it?!

Where is Boipeba

Boipeba Island is located in Tinharé Archipelago and is part of the municipality of Cairu, in the south of Bahia. This is the same archipelago where Morro de São Paulo is located.

In a straight line, Boipeba is about 87 km away from Salvador, and 290 km by road. Leaving from Ilhéus, Boipeba is about 131km far in a straight line and 182km by road.

Where is Boipeba on the map

See where is Boipeba located on the map:

Distance between Boipeba and neighboring destinations

Check out the distances between Boipeba and other destinations in Bahia considering a straight line on the map:

Cities / DestinationsKm
Morro de São Paulo27
Península de Maraú55
Porto Seguro312
Distance between Boipeba and other destinations in Bahia
Source: Google Maps

Note: These data do not reflect road distances, after all, we are talking about an island.

How to get to Boipeba by plane

The closest airport with commercial flights to Boipeba is Salvador International Airport (SSA). After arriving in the capital of Bahia, it is necessary to take a semi-land journey that will take approximately 5-6 hours. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to get from Salvador to Boipeba.

Air charter and taxi

Although it is not the cheapest or most sustainable alternative, you can use an air taxi or charter service from Salvador to the south of Tinharé Island. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and then it will be necessary to make a crossing of only 5 minutes to Boipeba.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes.

Price per passenger on collective flight: R$850* flight + R$30* boat (operates only during high summer).

Price of the charter: R$16.500*.

More info: click here.

Fox’s alert 🦊! It is not because there is the option of chartering a flight that the tourism on the island will be of extreme luxury and comfort at all times. This is a nature destination, ideal for those who like adventure, enjoy walking and want to preserve. If you don’t have that spirit and don’t know how to appreciate simplicity, choose another destination!

How to get to Boipeba by car or bus

Are you going to Boipeba by car or bus? It will be necessary to make the journey to the city of Valença or the village of Graciosa and then take a speedboat to the island.

Own or rented vehicle

If you come from Salvador, take the ferry to Bom Despacho, then the BA-001 highway and park near the Valença Waterway Terminal (Terminal Aquaviário de Valença, in Portuguese). A friend recommended the Fonseca Parking (Estacionamento Fonseca), which is a 2-minute walk from the terminal and costs from R$25* to R$30* per day.

Are you coming from the south of Bahia? The route is also made by the highway BA-001. In this case, the Graciosa pier (Cais de Graciosa) is closer and you can leave your car in one of the parking lots in the area.

car rental

Private Transfer

Another alternative is to hire a transfer from Salvador or another Bahia destination. I used Bahia Traslado’s services during my moving with Cori (my dog) and they were impeccable.

The service worked as follows:

  • A driver picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at Marina Porto Salvador, next to Mercado Modelo;
  • At the Marina, I had the help of the Bahia Traslado team to put my luggage on the speedboat, which in approximately 40 minutes arrived in Vera Cruz, one of the municipalities on the island of Itaparica;
  • Arriving in Vera Cruz, another car picked us up and drove us to the Valença pier;
  • In Valença we took the speedboat to Boipeba Island.
How to get to Boipeba
How to get to Ilha de Boipeba with private transfer from Bahia Transfers
Photos and editing: Elaine Villatoro

Cost: R$850* for 2 people, speedboat tickets included.


Companies that have itineraries that include stops in Valença and Graciosa are Viação Cidade Sol and Águia Branca.

If you get off in Valença, you will need to take a taxi or mototaxi (R$10-25*) to the pier. If you get off at Graciosa (recommended), just cross the highway and you will reach the pier.

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bus ticket from Barra Grande to Boipeba

Speedboat to Boipeba

Regardless of your destination of origin, if you are traveling by land, there will come a time when you will need to take a speedboat to navigate the rivers that will take you to Boipeba. The speedboats leave from two points: the pier of Valença and the pier of Graciosa.

How to get to Boipeba by speedboat
How to get to Boipeba by speedboat
Photos and editing: Elaine Villatoro

Relevant information about available speedboats:

Average trip duration1h10min40min
Price per passengerR$63* or R$120* round tripR$58*
Last departure time4pm4.30pm
CompanyDattoli/Island TourExpresso Boipeba
How to get to Boipeba – Valença & Graciosa

Departure times: Schedules change frequently, for up-to-date information, check the website of the desired company or contact us via WhatsApp.

Tickets purchase: In high season it is essential that you buy your tickets in advance (at least 1 week, if possible).

Fox’s tip 🦊:

– Pay attention to the latest departure times. In high season they sometimes close at 6pm.

Coming from Salvador? To arrive in time to catch the 4:30 pm speedboat in Graciosa you need to take the 12 pm (noon) ferry in Salvador at the latest.

– In front of the Graciosa pier, Telma’s Bar and Restaurant (Bar e Restaurante da Telma) has bathroom, Wi-Fi and serves delicious homemade food for about R$15*.

– You can buy your return ticket to the mainland at one of the stands in front of the Boca da Barra pier in Boipeba.

How to get from Salvador to Boipeba

The most common route to go from Salvador to Boipeba involves taking a ferry, bus, speedboat and sometimes even a taxi, taking about 5-6 hours. So, set aside a full day in your itinerary to go and another full day to return.

Don’t worry, as we already mentioned, every effort is worth to reach this paradise 😉.

⚠️ Attention! If you want to arrive at Salvador airport and go to Boipeba on the same day, your flight must arrive no later than 10 am so that you can take the ferry in a maximum of 12 hours and be able to catch the last speedboat to the island.

Ferry from Salvador to Bom Despacho:

Head to the São Joaquim Maritime Terminal (Terminal Marítimo/Hidroviário de São Joaquim) in Salvador to take the ferry to the Bom Despacho Terminal on Itaparica Island.

Ferry from Salvador to Bom Despacho - How to go from Salvador to Boipeba
Ferry from Salvador to Bom Despacho
Photo and editing: Elaine Villatoro

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

Price per passenger: R$6,10* on week days and R$8,10* weekends and holidays. If you go to Boipeba by car ferry can cost from R$55* to R$99,20*.

Company: Internacional Travessias.

Fox’s tip 🦊:

– At Terminal São Joaquim itself, in the boarding waiting room, go to the Viação Cidade Sol kiosk (picture below) and guarantee your bus tickets from Bom Despacho to Valença terminal or to Graciosa‘s pier. In both towns you can take a speedboat to Ilha de Boipeba.

Boipeba how to go - Ferry
Viação Cidade Sol’s kiosk inside the Terminal de São Joaquim in Salvador
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

– Arrive at least 40 minutes in advance to buy your ticket, or even more on weekends and holidays, as there is usually a line. Take the opportunity to withdraw money (there is no ATM on the island), buy snacks and go to the bathroom in this terminal.

– If possible, take only the essentials and go backpacking. You will need to climb the stairs of the ferry and it becomes more difficult with a wheeled suitcase and a lot of weight.

From Bom Despacho to Valença or Graciosa:

To our delight, the Maritime Terminal and the Bom Despacho Bus Station are integrated. If you followed our previous tip and already purchased your bus ticket with Viação Cidade Sol, there will be a bus waiting for you as soon as you disembark from the ferry.

Take advantage of the bathroom stop and, if you want, eat at Bob’s 🍔 which is located at the Bom Despacho bus station, as you will ride more than 2 hours in a row without pauses.

Once on the bus, you can choose to get off at the Valença Bus terminal (Terminal Rodoviário de Valença) or at Graciosa’s pier. If you get off at Valença station you will need to take a taxi or a mototaxi to the maritime terminal, and then take the speedboat to Boipeba. I recommend going straight to Graciosa, because the bus drops you off in front of the pier (just cross the road) making the journey faster and cheaper.

How to go from Salvador to Boipeba
Inside the Cidade Sol bus that takes you from Bom Despacho to Valença

Duration: About 2h10min to Valença + 15 min by cab or 2h30min to Graciosa.

Price per passenger: R$38* bus + R$10-R$25* taxi/mototaxi if drop off in Valença.

Company: Viação Cidade Sol.

Fox’s tip 🦊:

– On the way back, I recommend that you choose the route Boipeba x Valença because Viação Cidade Sol does not offer a return trip from Graciosa, and the bus that picks you up in Graciosa and takes you to Valença offered by another company is very uncomfortable.

How to go from Morro de São Paulo to Boipeba

From Morro de São Paulo, it is possible to travel to the south of the island in approximately 1 hour by 4×4 car, followed by a short boat ride to Boipeba. I was told that this stretch by car is very uncomfortable.

If you have little time and want more comfort, a day trip by boat is an option. There is a tour called “Volta à Ilha” that will take you to the main beaches of the island.

Otherwise, you will need to take a boat back to Valença and then the speedboat to Boipeba.

Price per passenger: 4×4 R$200*, boat tour R$250*.

Company: Amo Morro de São Paulo (Raquel)

How to go from Ilhéus to Boipeba

Leaving from Ilhéus, you can hire a private transfer to Graciosa or take a bus at the Ilhéus Bus Terminal (Terminal Rodoviário de Ilhéus) to the city of Valença and then a speedboat to Boipeba.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Price per passenger: R$54,31* on the conventional bus and R$60,08* on the conventional bus with Air Conditioning.

Company: Águia Branca

How to go from Barra Grande (Maraú) to Boipeba

If you are in Barra Grande on the Maraú Peninsula you can get to Boipeba in the following ways:

1) Drive or hire a private transfer to Graciosa and then take a speedboat to Boipeba;

2) Take the boat to Camamu, from there take a bus to Graciosa and then a speedboat to Boipeba.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Price per passenger: R$19-33* by bus.

Company: Viação Cidade Sol or Águia Branca

3) Take the roundtrip to Boipeba.

Company: Princesinha Turismo

Price: R$200* per person.

How to get around in Ilha de Boipeba

Now that you know how to get to Boipeba, learn about the alternatives for getting around on the island:

  • Walk by foot (helps you get in the Boipeba rhythm)
  • Tractor
  • Quad
  • Boat / Speedboat


Tractor in Boipeba
Tractor – one of the means of transportation of Boipeba
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The tractor is the most sustainable mean of transport available at the moment, however, in low season it hardly runs because it needs a minimum of 6-8 people.

The cost from Velha Boipeba to Moreré is R$10* per person.


The quad bike ends up being the “Uber” of Boipeba. The quad biker rides and takes up to two people being able to tie the luggage to the front of the vehicle.

If you want to schedule a transfer from Velha Boipeba to Moreré or a tour to Castelhanos, for example, you can contact Romilson.

WayPrice R$* (1 person)Price R$* (2 people)
Boipeba (Ribeirinho) x MoreréR$ 35R$ 60
Boipeba or Moreré x CastelhanosR$ 80R$ 150
Boipeba or Moreré x Cova da OnçaR$ 70R$ 130
Moreré x CueiraR$ 35R$ 60
Price quad in Boipeba

Note: There are two quad stops: Ribeirinho and Ponto do Trator (it is called like that because it is next to the point where the tractor leaves 😂). Ribeirinho is a little closer to the pier where you will arrive by speedboat.

Important! We are AGAINST the quad bike rental for tourists

Recently, a company in Boipeba started offering quad rentals to tourists. We would like to make it clear here that Live More, Travel More is against this service as it goes against the wishes of the natives for benefiting only an outside businessman, having negative impacts on the environment, being dangerous for the tourist and putting life at risk of the people and animals that transit the island.

Click here for more info.

Boat / Speedboat

Sometimes you will find boatmen to help you cross some stretches on the island of Boipeba, such as the Oritibe River between Praia da Cueira and Moreré, the Catú River to reach Ponta de Castelhanos, or simply to take you to the natural pools of Moreré.

Boat ride in Boipeba
Preto in his boat
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

For those looking for day trips by private boat, we recommend Preto. In April/2022 we took a tour with him to watch the sunset at Cabana da Tânia in Canavieiras and it was perfect.

See below the prices of the tours he offers:

Tour (leaving from Velha Boipeba)Price R$* (up to 2 people)
Around the islandR$ 220
Natural pools and BainemaR$ 145
Natural pools and CastelhanosR$ 165
GarapuáR$ 165
Morro de São PauloR$ 250
Canavieiras (Barraca da Tânia)R$ 250
Prices for speedboat trips in Boipeba

Luggage carrier service

It is necessary to walk from the pier to the quad bike/tractor stop or even your hotel in Velha Boipeba. With this, some tourists who end up exaggerating the amount of bags or require more comfort, can hire a carrier service.

See at the right the price table of 2022* according to the luggage sizes.

How to get around in Boipeba

Where to stay in Boipeba

Are you wondering where to stay in Boipeba? Among the lodges (pousadas) that we have already tested and approved are: Pousada Mangabeiras, Eco Pousada Casa Bobô and Utopia Moreré.

Where to stay in Boipeba

Find more alternatives at

Extra tips

  • If you can, carry a backpack and light weight – your journey will be easier. Otherwise, on the ferry, for example, you will have to climb stairs with your suitcase. When arriving on the island, you will probably need to hire a porter or walk with your suitcase on wheels in earthy or sandy areas;
  • Take some snacks and water with you so you don’t run the risk of going hungry on the trip;
  • Withdraw cash while on the mainland, there is no ATM on Ilha de Boipeba;
  • Before traveling, remember to get your international travel insurance! Check out our World Nomads Promo Code.
Travel insurance promo code

Now that you know where Boipeba is, how to get there and how to get around the island, check out our article on what to do in Boipeba!

* The prices mentioned here were collected in September 2022 and are subject to change.

Note: We have already worked in partnership with some of the companies mentioned above such as Bahia Traslado, Lancha do Preto, Casa Bobô, Utopia and Pousada Mangabeiras. Rest assured, all opinions expressed here are sincere and reflect our experiences.

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FAQ – Where it is and how to get to Boipeba

Where is Boipeba?

Boipeba is located in the Tinharé Archipelago in Bahia, approximately 87 km from Salvador. See where is Boipeba on the map.

What is the closest airport to Boipeba?

Although the distance from Ilhéus to Boipeba in kilometers is shorter, the closest airport to Boipeba is Salvador International Airport (SSA) due to travel time.

How is the access to Boipeba?

As it is an island, access to Boipeba is carried out by river, by the Rio do Inferno, or by sea, by speedboat.

Is there a way to get to Boipeba by car?

No, the access to the island is by speedboat. It will be necessary to leave the vehicle in a parking lot near the port of Valença or Graciosa. Read more…