World Nomads promo code: World Nomads is a great travel insurance for backpackers, long term trips, adventurers and digital nomads. Below, you will find out why I personally use them in most of my travels.

Promo Code For World Nomads

After a lot of conversation, we managed to get a 7% off World Nomads promo code on travel insurance for our readers so you guys can save money and travel more =D

Our World Nomads coupon discount is valid in 2022, at any time and to any country except the USA and Canada, since the government doesn’t allow discounts on travel insurance due to financial services laws.

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Unfortunately in January 2023 World Nomads cancelled all the coupon codes. So there is none available for now. Once we have any news, we will update this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Insurance – FAQ

Why should I get travel insurance?

The costs of medical services can be extremely high in several countries and sometimes, the trip may suddenly need to be cancelled, besides the fact that we all are subject to baggage loss and delays, for example.
When we are covered by an insurance service, if unexpected things happen, at least we know we can get a solution.

How to choose the best travel insurance?

Each person may have different needs, so it is very important to get a travel insurance with a coverage that attends to your specific travel needs.

Is World Nomads worth it?

World Nomads is a well recognised travel insurance globally.
They are usually a great fit specially for backpackers, long term trips, adventurers and digital nomads.

What does World Nomads cover?

The World Nomads insurance coverage may vary according to the traveler’s country of residence. We recommend you to carefully read the insurance policy.

Does the World Nomads travel insurance attend to the Schengen Agreement requirements?

Yes, the Schengen Agreement requires a minimum of 30,000 Euros coverage and all of World Nomads travel insurance policies cover that.

Can you extend World Nomads Insurance?

Yes, this is one of the advantages of World Nomads. With them, you can extend your insurance at any time and you can also use our promotion code in every new purchase.

Advantages of World Nomads travel insurance

With World Nomads you can renew your travel insurance while travelling

Most companies don’t allow that, but if you are a long term traveller, backpacker or digital nomad, you know how important it is since plans may change.

That happened to me on my 2018’s trip that was supposed to last for 3 months and I ended up staying for 5.

Back then, I renewed my World Nomads insurance without trouble and I loved the fact that they even sent an email to remind me when the insurance was about to expire.

Adventure Sports coverage

Many travel insurances do not cover adventure sports such as scuba diving, for example.

World Nomads Promo Code - Discount of 7%
Selfie with Potato Cod. By Elaine Villatoro

Thankfully, World Nomads understands this need and it has great coverage. This is why when I intend to dive or hike during a trip I prefer to get their insurance.

They also cover other sports such as: surfing, kitesurfing, ballooning, zip-lining and much more.

Enjoy your World Nomads promo code and have a safe trip!

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