Everything you must know to plan all the logistics of your trip to Barra Grande, Bahia!

Do you want to know where it is and how to get to Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande in Bahia? In this article we detail step by step and also talk about prices and alternatives on how to get around in the region.

Where is Maraú Peninsula located?

Maraú Peninsula is located in the municipality of Maraú in the south of Bahia, approximately 100km from Ilhéus, 250km from the capital Salvador and almost 400km from Porto Seguro (at these times we realize how big Bahia is, right?! ).

See where Maraú is on the map:

Onde fica Peninsula de Marau
Where is Peninsula de Maraú on the map
Source: Google Maps

Difference among Maraú, Maraú Península and Barra Grande

When I was searching about Maraú Peninsula I noticed that some people talked about Maraú, others about the peninsula and some others about Barra Grande. Slowly I understood that it is a single tourist destination. The difference is that:

Maraú Peninsula refers to this portion of land that is surrounded by water on almost all sides (first image below). Maraú is the name of the municipality. Barra Grande is the tourist village of Maraú, where we travelers find the widest variety of accommodation, tour agencies, restaurants, etc.

Onde fica a Península de Maraú no mapa

I highlighted the two points to illustrate the route between two beaches on the peninsula so that you can already notice that even with a few kilometers from one point to another, the path takes time due to the bumpy roads.

How to get to Maraú

This is a step-by-step guide on how to go to Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande, Bahia. Check out!

How to get to Maraú by plane?

To get to Maraú by plane, there are three options.

  1. Ilhéus Airport (IATA: IOS) is the most used for those traveling to the Maraú Peninsula as it is the closest from the destination for commercial flights.
  2. If your destination of origin does not have a direct flight to Ilhéus, another alternative is to go to Salvador International Airport (IATA: SSA).
  3. For the more financially favored 🙃, an alternative is to go to Salvador and from there, charter a flight to get off at the Barra Grande Aerodrome (ICAO: SIRI), a small private airport near the village of Barra Grande.

Important: The first two options require an additional route that may involve land transport, a ferry and even a speedboat. We will detail it below.

How to get to Maraú Peninsula by car?

Como chegar em Maraú de carro
How to get to Maraú by car from Salvador or Ilhéus

Upon landing at the airport in Ilhéus or Salvador, you can rent a vehicle (4×4 is strongly recommended), hire a private transfer with your lodging or ask for a taxi or app driver.

Departing from Ilhéus the route will take approximately 2-3hrs depending on your final destination.

The capital of Bahia is further away, approximately 250km away. Considering the route that uses the ferry, the journey by car from Salvador to Camamu takes about 4 hours and a half.

How to get to Maraú by bus?

From Ilhéus Bus Station you can take a bus from Cidade Sol or Águia Branca to Camamu, lasting approximately 2 hours and a half for R$30-35* and from Camamu take a speedboat to Barra Grande.

From Salvador, you can take the ferry from São Joaquim Terminal to Bom Despacho with Internacional Travessias for R$5.60*, and from Bom Despacho take a bus from Cidade Sol or Águia Branca to Camamu with approximately 4 hours of duration for R$40-47*.

Another alternative, depending on the location of your accommodation, is to take a bus to Maraú and from there take a taxi to the lodging. But it is worth mentioning that private transport on the peninsula has high prices, as you can see in the picture below, which shows that from Barra Grande to Maraú, taxi drivers charge R$250*.

How to get to Barra Grande by speedboat?

The speedboats leave from the municipality of Camamu and take approximately 40 minutes to arrive in Barra Grande, Bahia. In the Port of Camamu, several companies make the journey every hour, starting at 6 am and ending at 5 pm.

Píer de Barra Grande em Maraú
Barra Grande Pier in Maraú
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Prices per segment vary between R$50-70*. Give preference to companies that offer passenger insurance.
You can buy your ticket on the spot, but if you prefer to buy it in advance, contact the Maritime Association or Camamu Adventure.

What is the best way to get to Barra Grande?

It all depends on your travel style:

Luxury: If you are financially well, the best alternative is to go to Salvador and from there take a chartered flight to Barra Grande.

Comfort: Are you in the mood for a comfy trip, but still can’t afford a private flight? Then you can go to Ilhéus and from there hire a private transfer to your lodging.

Comfort with adventure: Board to Ilhéus and rent a 4×4.

Economic: If you are traveling on a budget, the best alternative is to go to Ilhéus, from there take an uber to the bus station, from there take a bus to Camamu and then take the speedboat to Barra Grande.

How to get around in Maraú Peninsula

If you thought getting to Maraú and Barra Grande was complicated, know that getting around there is not much different 😅. The roads that take you from north to south of the peninsula are very precarious.

The best way to move around Maraú Peninsula is with your own or rented vehicle (4×4 is mandatory in rainy seasons), or also count on a private transfer, motorcycle taxi and overalls.

Como chegar em Barra Grande
Means of transport in Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande, Bahia
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The overalls are those pickup trucks with seats in the back, as shown in the photo above.
Note: Take the opportunity to repair the holes 😅.

What is the cheapest way to get around Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande?

Contato mototaxistas em Barra Grande Bahia

The cheapest way to get around Maraú Peninsula is by motorcycle taxi or gardener.

To give you an idea of ​​the price per way, a taxi from Barra Grande to Cassange is around R$140*, while a mototaxi is R$70.

From Barra Grande to Taipu de Fora a taxi charges R$80*, a motorcycle taxi R$30*, while the gardener charges R$20*.

How much does it cost to get around Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande by taxi?

This is the Taxi Drivers Association price list for March 2022.
Note that all these values ​​are for just one stretch and considering the exit from Barra Grande. Examples:

Taipu de Fora – R$80*
Algodões – R$200*
Ilhéus – R$700*

Quanto custa se locomover na Peninsula de Maraú de táxi

Is it worth visiting?

Getting to Maraú is a bit complex, but that’s the price you pay to get to know a beautiful and well-preserved place. The more structure places like this have, the more access to bad stuff they’ll also have. If you are a nature and tranquility lover, this is the getaway that will make every mile you drive worth it. Let go and enjoy this paradise!

Where to stay on the Maraú Peninsula

The location of your accommodation on the Maraú Peninsula will depend on your objective with this trip.


For those who want more contact with nature, a more reserved place and have your own vehicle, our suggestion is Pousada Lagoa do Cassange. Here you will find seaside bungalows, an amazing breakfast, the famous Cassange Lagoon in your backyard and excellent sustainability practices.
For those who like more movement, having a center close by to walk, restaurants around and ease of locomotion, our tip is the Pousada Porto da Barra which is located in Barra Grande, close to the pier.

Onde ficar na Peninsula de Marau foto

Now that you know where Maraú is located, how to get to Barra Grande and how to get around in the region, check our article on what to do in Maraú Peninsula!

* The costs mentioned above ​​were collected in March 2022 for reference only and are subject to change.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Maraú Peninsula located?

Maraú Peninsula is located in the municipality of Maraú in the south of Bahia, approximately 100km from Ilhéus and 250km from the capital Salvador. Check where is Maraú on the map.

What is Maraú Peninsula?

Peninsula de Maraú refers to a portion of land that is surrounded by water on almost all sides in the municipality of Maraú. See the image here.

How to go to Maraú Peninsula?

Arriving in Maraú requires attention and planning. To start you will need to take a flight to Ilhéus (recommended) or Salvador in Bahia. Then, you will need a land transfer to your final destination or a bus to Camamu. Check the step-by-step guide on how to get to Maraú Peninsula by plane, car, bus or speedboat.

How to get to Barra Grande, Bahia?

The easiest way to get to Barra Grande is by taking a speedboat from Camamu pier. Read more…

Why is transportation in Maraú so expensive?

Maraú’s roads are very bumpy and this makes taxi drivers have a high maintenance cost.