Are you planning a trip to this paradise? Check out our ultimate guide to Boipeba and find the top 15 things to do in the island, how to get there while being a responsible traveler.

Located in the south of Bahia, Boipeba Island is one of those places that, in addition to being paradisiacal, has some magic that calms you down, teaches you about life and fills you completely. It is no wonder that it has become one of my favorite destinations in the world, and I decided to move here 🥰.

In this travel guide, you will get to know the island’s beaches, find out what to do in Boipeba day and night, and get exclusive tips that only those who live around here could give you – all this while keeping in mind the importance of preserving the natural beauties and contributing to the local culture. Shall we begin?

About the Island

Boipeba is a part of the Tinharé Archipelago, formed by 26 islands, which also includes destinations as: Morro do São Paulo, Garapuá and Gamboa. On one side you can see the sea and on the other you can see the Rio do Inferno. It is the perfect destination for those who love nature, want to relax, enjoy beautiful beaches, natural pools, sandbanks and even discover a mangrove swamp.

Boipeba beaches in Bahia
View of the beaches of Boipeba directly from Pousada Mangabeiras
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The region was recognized by UNESCO for its natural heritage as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site. In some specific points the landscape reminds me of the Maldives, and for those who followed our trip on Instagram, you must have noticed that even a Maldivian friend confused me and thought I was in his country 😱.

The island is formed by the villages of Velha Boipeba, São Sebastião (Cova da Onça), Moreré, Monte Alegre and preserves much of the traditions, culture and local cuisine.

Where is Boipeba and how to get there

Boipeba Island is approximately 88 km in a straight line from Salvador, and 290 km by road. Leaving from Ilhéus, Boipeba is about 128km in a straight line and 182km by road.

Check it out our article with a step-by-step guide on how to get to Boipeba!

When to go to Boipeba, Bahia

The tropical climate makes it possible to enjoy Boipeba all year round! In everyday life it is a very peaceful destination, but this can be different during public holidays and school vacations. Take this in consideration when setting your travel dates.

🦊 Advices from a local:

We recommend that you visit between September and early December, or between February and March. One of the advantages of summer time is that the sea waters are more crystal clear.

Don’t go between December 26th and January 15th. During this time the island has been receiving more people than its capacity and it has been affecting the water and electricity supply to everyone. If you go during this time, you will probably make you life and the locals lives miserable.

So far, holidays such as Carnaval and Easter are still fine. But if you can avoid holidays, you will always guarantee more exclusive moments among nature, find more affordable prices, and you will help locals to generate income outside of high season.

Between May and August (winter time), it rains often and a lot of businesses such as restaurants close for their maintenence and employees vacation. So, if you go to the island in this period, especially Moreré, you will need to rely more on getting an accommodation with a kitchen and getting you food at the local grocery stores. Some tours may also not be available. Another downside of this time of the year is that because of the rain, the sea water can become darker due to the overflow of water from the rivers.

when to visit boipeba

How many days to stay in Boipeba?

If you plan to stay at least 5 days in Boipeba, during this period you can get to know a little of the island and get into the calm rhythm that it puts us on.
Want to see the whole island? In this case, I recommend staying 10 days.

Where to stay

You should identify whether you prefer to stay closer to Velha Boipeba or to Moreré beach. My suggestion is that you stay a little in each region, so you will get to know the hustle of the small village of Velha Boipeba and the tranquility and connection with nature found in Moreré.

Pousada Mangabeiras

Have you ever thought about staying at the top of the hill, right in the middle of the native forest of a paradise island and being able to enjoy a hot tub with a beautiful view? So Pousada Mangabeiras is the perfect place for that!

Getting there is an adventure itself, leaving from Boca da Barra Beach it is necessary to take a 20-minute trail and take an elevator – with a breathtaking view – through the woods to the inn.

Where to stay in Boipeba

⚠️ If you have mobility issues, let the hotel’s staff know.

Considered by many the best hotel in Boipeba, Mangabeiras has spacious and cozy bungalows, guesthouses, a restaurant, a games area and a swimming pool that deserves at least half a period of your attention.

I discovered Pousada Mangabeiras thanks to Roteiros de Charme, which has a list of sustainable accommodations, one of our priorities on the blog.

The care at Mangabeiras ranges from biodegradable amenities (shampoo, conditioner and soap) to water, which is offered free of charge in a glass bottle, avoiding the use of plastic bottles. In addition, during the construction of the accommodation, no trees had to be felled and, unlike most inns on the island, they carry out selective collection and composting. Cool right?!

Fox tips 🦊: Although they have a person to carry your luggage from the pier to the inn, we recommend that you travel light, so you don’t abuse the goodwill of the employee, right?!

Boipeba’s beaches

There are 9 beaches on the island: Boca da Barra, Outeiro Beach, Pedrinhas Beach, Tassimirim Beach, Cueira Beach, Moreré, Bainema Beach, Ponta dos Castelhanos and Cova da Onça.

Boca da Barra

One of the largest beaches on the island, Boca da Barra has a wide stretch of sand where you can enjoy the day sunbathing, swimming in the sea, doing stand up paddle or kayaking.

Here the river and sea meet, which can be noticed by the difference in the color of the waters.

Praia Boca da Barra
Boca da Barra, one of Boipeba’s beach
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

As it is the gateway to Boipeba, it has an excellent infrastructure to receive tourists such as restaurants and kiosks, in addition to being close to the center and shops.

Outeiro Beach and Pedrinhas Beach

Between Boca da Barra and Tassimirim beaches there are two surprises, Outeiro Beach and Pedrinhas Beach.

beaches of Boipeba Bahia
Pedrinhas Beach
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Both are very small and with calm waters, ideal for those looking for a more isolated location yet close to the village.

Tassimirim Beach

A 20-minute light trail from Boca da Barra is Tassimirim Beach. Quiet and with clear waters, it is the perfect place for snorkeling.

The infrastructure is simple, but there are options for eating and drinking at the kiosks.

Cueira Beach

After Tassimirim, it is one of the busiest beaches in Boipeba, especially when tours from Morro de São Paulo stop here.

Praia da Cueira Boipeba Bahia
Cueira Beach, Ilha de Boipeba
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

For those who want to spend the day, there are several options for where to eat and drink on Cueira Beach, including the famous tent at Guido da Lagosta and a more affordable option, Barraca da Cueira of Sr. João.


Moreré Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Boipeba, which in addition to being beautiful, has natural pools where it is possible to observe marine life in the crystal clear waters.

Morere Boipeba
Moreré Beach, Boipeba
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Here you will find accommodation, restaurants and kiosks. It is after Cueira Beach and you can reach Moreré: walking, tractor, boat or quad bike.

Bainema Beach

Located between Moreré and Ponta dos Castelhanos, Bainema Beach is the most deserted of Boipeba, it has an almost untouched beauty but does not have any infrastructure for tourists.

Bainema Boipeba - photos
Bainema Beach – One of the most beautiful beaches in Boipeba, Bahia
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

If you are going to visit it, plan to eat at one of the neighboring beaches or even bring water and snacks.

Castelhanos Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Boipeba, Ponta or Castelhanos Beach is perfect for spending a day in paradise, walking on the sandbank, enjoying the natural pools and enjoying the excellent options of kiosks and restaurants.

Praia de Castelhanos Boipeba
The beauty of Castelhanos Beach, Boipeba
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

You can reach Castelhanos by boat, quad bike or even by trail. It is a special place to camp on the beach.

Cova da Onça

Cova da Onça Beach is located in a small fishing village called São Sebastião. This beach has almost no infrastructure for tourists, but it is great to renew your energy with a swim in the sea.

It’s far from the rest of the beaches, it is possible to arrive by boat, quad bike or trail.

What to do in Boipeba

The variety of tours and attractions is such that it will be difficult to choose what to do in Boipeba. To facilitate your plans, we list here some possibilities and contacts of the agencies that make the tours:


Did you know that you can see bioluminescent plankton in Boipeba? Kayaking at sunset, entering a mangrove swamp and watching the sunset to see this natural phenomenon was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Although I have had the opportunity to see plankton in other countries such as Vietnam, Maldives, Thailand and the United States, I had never imagined that this would be possible inside a mangrove.

Kayak tour to see bioluminescent plankton in Brazil
Kayak tour in Boipeba with Ecomar to see luminous plankton in the mangrove
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

As seawater enters the river, much plankton end up trapped there, making the experience of seeing the bioluminescence in the mangrove unique. I swear, I’ve never seen so many! And, to finish it with a flourish, you will admire the stars as you return to the beach.

During the tour organized by the Ecomar agency, a lot of information and tips are given about the environment and the importance of preserving mangroves and nature.

Fox Tips🦊: To increase your chances of seeing plankton, schedule your trip to Boipeba during the new moon.

Duration: 3 hours

Value: R$195*

Kayaking or SUP

Are you in Velha Boipeba? How about enjoying the sunset on a stand up paddle (SUP) in the middle of the Piã River or getting into a single or double kayak in the mangrove tunnels? Ecomar provides these experiences together with a lecture on-site ecosystem.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: R$155* kayak / R$170* SUP


Boipeba island is a great place to dive in Bahia, whether this is your first time or not.

For those who have never practiced this activity, Boipeba Mergulho performs the baptism. This activity takes place in Moreré and the meeting point is at the diving school in front of Restaurante Paraíso.

First you attend a class to learn the theoretical content, then an instructor accompanies your adaptation in an area of ​​one meter deep for 15 minutes, and then you are ready to dive.

Scuba diving - tour in Boipeba
Photo: Boipeba Mergulho

For certified divers there are other options for diving in Boipeba, including a night dive!

Value: R$250*.

Watch the sunrise and sunset or the moonrise

It’s worth waking up early and watching the sunrise. You can do this at Moreré or Bainema beach and enjoy stretching or yoga. Some hotels also allow you to watch the sunrise from your bed, such as Pousada Mangabeiras and Casa Utopia.

Sunset in Boipeba Bahia
Sunset at Barra in Boipeba, Bahia
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

The sunset can be enjoyed at Boca da Barra Beach, Mirante Quebra Cú (Yes, that’s the name! 🤣), Céu de Boipeba or Nature Moreré.

Now, if you really enjoy the moonrise, it’s worth checking out and recording this moment directly from Cueira Beach.

Moonrise at Cueira beach- one of the things to do at night in Boipeba
Moonrise at Cueira’s beach
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

River Bath

If you prefer a freshwater bath, don’t worry! In Boipeba, in addition to bathing in the sea, you can enjoy bathing in the river.

Among the options are the Catu River – close to Castelhanos beach, the Oritibe River – at the end of Cueira beach, and the Piã River which is in the rural area of ​​Boipeba. Although it is not so popular among tourists, natives love it.

What to do in Boipeba Bahia - River
Elaine bathing in the Piã River
Photo: Carolina Rossi

I got to know Rio Piã during the Boipeba Roots tour by Quase Nativa, but if you’re short on time and still want to get to know it, she offers a tour that lasts 3 hours and costs R$90* per person.

Natural pools

Natural pools are rock formations with accumulated water (fresh or salt) that resembles a swimming pool, a great place to enjoy fish, reefs, corals and other beauties of marine life up close. During low tide you can enjoy the natural pools in Tassimirim, Moreré, Bainema and Castelhanos.

Fox Tips 🦊: To make the most of this tour, take a snorkel with you.

Natural pools in Bahia - one of the places to visit in Boipeba
Moreré natural pools in Bahia
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

You can visit them on your own or take a guided snorkel tour in the natural pools of Tassimirim or Castelhanos.

Walking guided tour to Tassimirim natural pools with Ecomar: R$195* (snorkel equipment included)

Guided tour to Castelhanos natural pools, including the hike through Bainema beach and the mangroves with Ronaldo: R$140* (snorkel equipment not available)

Boat tour from Moreré to Castelhanos natural pools with Geisiel: R$170* (request snorkel equipment in advance)

Trails in Boipeba

If you love taking a good walk through nature, come well prepared, there is no shortage of trails in Boipeba for the adventurous. These are some of them:

Fox tips 🦊: I recommend you do these trails with a local guide.

Important! You can only cross Rivers and Mangroves at low tide.

– Velha Boipeba to Moreré

The trail to Moreré starts at the end of Boca da Barra Beach, through a forested region to Tassimirim beach. Go to Cueira beach and cross the Oritibe River passing through a stretch of coconut trees to a small gate and you will arrive in Moreré.

– Trail to Castelhanos

The trail to Castelhanos is very striking because it passes through giant mangroves with roots of up to 3 to 4 meters used as housing for the crabs that breed there.

There is a risk of getting lost if taking the trail alone, and at the end of the mangrove you will still need to take a boat to Castelhanos beach. Therefore, I recommend that you hire a guide. Follow the contact of Caetano who was recommended to me.

Price: R$100* round trip

– Tour around the island

For those in a good mood, the longest trail in Boipeba: Tour around the island.

The trail is a junction of the trail from Velha Boipeba to Moreré with the trail to Castelhanos. The tour around the island begins at Boca da Barra beach, followed by Tassimirim, Cueira, Moreré, Bainema, Castelhanos and finally Cova da Onça.

Fox Tips 🦊: Check out our article on Trail Clothing and get even more prepared for this adventure!

Boipeba Roots

If you like connecting with the local community and the essence of a destination, this tour is for you!

Boipeba Roots is organized by Manoela from Quase Nativa. The day begins with a conversation about ancestral wisdom with Dona Nilda, who is a holistic therapist. Then we visit the flour house, where manioc flour is produced by the hands of Mr. Rosilvado who explains and shows how it is produced. Lunch is held at Bar do Ramiro, near the Piã River. It was here that I ate one of the best homemade meals in Boipeba. The day ends with a swim in the Piã River and admiring the sunset from the Quebra Cú viewpoint.

Tour in Boipeba - things to do in the island
Sr. Rosivaldo during Boipeba Roots Tour
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Duration: All day.

Price: R$120* per person and includes breakfast. Does not include lunch.

Speedboat Ride

If you have limited time and want to see the entire coast, a good option is to take a tour around the island of Boipeba. Do you want to get to know Castelhanos by boat or other exuberant beaches on the Tinharé archipelago such as Garapuá and Morro de São Paulo? Geisiel can take you there.

Duration: All day.

Price: From R$170* to R$250* per person. A minimum of 4 people is required for the tour take place.

Boipeba Viewpoint

Bar, restaurant, lodging, viewpoint and place of connection with nature, all-together is “O Céu de Boipeba“. It is between Boca da Barra and Tassimirim beaches, within the Atlantic Forest area, a privileged location on the top of the hill. Perfect for enjoying the sunset and moonrise.

Opening hours: For those who are not staying, opening hours are from 3 pm to 7 pm. Dinner needs to be booked before 6:30 pm and is served from 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

Value: Entry costs R$50*, this value being discounted from the consummation.

Humpback whale watching

If you are visiting Boipeba Island between July and November you will be able to find the giants of the sea.

Ecomar carries out the humpback whale watching tour in an exclusive boat that sails for 2 hours to reach the spot where they usually pass.

It is worth remembering that there is no guarantee that you will be able to see these animals, after all, we are talking about animals that are free in nature.

Fox Tips 🦊: Read our article on ethical tourism with animals!

Duration: 5 hours

Price: R$280* per person and includes water and fruit

Percussion class

Learn about percussion, a typical instrument from Bahia, with Janice.

During this experience, you will get to know a little about the history of this important figure from the Island of Boipeba, who is the matriarch of the female samba de roda of the island.

Company: Quase Nativa – Manoela

Price: R$200*

Monte Alegre Community

Close to Moreré is Monte Alegre, a quilombola community full of encounters and stories.

I had the opportunity to visit and even receive the blessing of Dona Maria (a healer of the region) with friends, but you can also get to know Monte Alegre during a tour of Quase Nativa.

Quilombo de Monte Alegre - one of the things to do in Boipeba, Brazil
Monte Alegre Community
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Manoela has a tour that includes the Serrão Trail and the Quilombo de Monte Alegre. The trail is considered moderate, passing through two rivers that are on the way from Velha Boipeba to there.

Duration: All day

Price: R$120* per person

Canoe Trip

Explore the Piã River and the mangroves like a native, in a Bahian canoe. This is another tour offered by Manoela and it departs from Velha Boipeba.

Company: Quase Nativa

Duration: 2 hours

Price: R$150* per person


If you want an alternative to travel cheaper and live a unique experience, know that you can do volunteer work in Boipeba, Bahia.

Hostel Abaquar offers this opportunity through the Worldpackers platform. You can help with reception, cleaning, cooking and even teaching yoga.

Worldpackers discount code

Worldpackers is a platform that unites travelers willing to collaborate a few hours a day with hosts who can offer you a stay at your destination. The total working days and time is agreed directly with who will receive the traveler.

Want some good news? We got a Worldpackers promo code that gives our readers 10% off.

Find your volunteer spot on Boipeba Island:

Phew! I think it gave me a good idea of ​​what to do in Boipeba, Bahia. Is not it?!

Exclusive tips

Now let’s see some exclusive tips that we have prepared for you:

1) Interact with the Boipeba community: The island’s people are super friendly and full of interesting stories to tell. It’s worth opening up to this exchange, I’m sure you’ll make great friends and take a lot more luggage with you.

Note: In the photo to the side are Jorge (owner of Pão do Jorge in Moreré), Escuro (owner of this bar in Monte Alegre) and Divino (owner of Casa Utopia).

Comunidade Monte Alegre

2) Divide your stay in more than one place: Stay some of your time in Velha Boipeba and some in Moreré, so you don’t have to worry about the means of transportation available between the tourist attractions.

3) Take little luggage and prefer a backpack: You will have to carry your luggage at various times, avoid carrying too much weight and opt for a backpack to facilitate locomotion. I even left my medium suitcase at the Airbnb where I stayed in Salvador, if you are setting up a base in another city in Bahia, you can check this possibility too.

4)  Follow the Tide Table: the tide directly influences some tours. You can check the high and low tide times through Windy.

5)  Enjoy the markets in Velha Boipeba: Are you going to stay in Moreré for a while? So it’s worth going to a market in Velha Boipeba beforehand to guarantee a few things like a loaf of bread, powdered milk, etc. In Moreré you won’t find a great variety.

What to bring to Boipeba

Here’s a smart list of things you need to pack to Boipeba.

  • Flashlight (it is very useful at night as not every place on the island has lighting);
  • Sun protection clothing;
  • Hiking Sandals will help you pass through the mangrove (slippers can break!);
  • Microfiber towel (dries fast);
  • Cap/hat to protect yourself from the sun;
  • Reef-safe sunscreen and natural repellent;
  • Reusable bottle, cup and cutlery;
  • Biodegradable hygiene products;
  • Flip flops;
  • Brush to remove sand from the feet.
what to take to Boipeba, Brazil

Do you need any clothes or accessories for hiking or to protect yourself from the sun while on Boipeba Island? Take advantage of our Columbia promo code!

Columbia coupon code

Sustainable Tourism

Another tip of what to do in Boipeba and any other destination is: Practice sustainable tourism!

This paradise needs to be preserved and for that it needs our help. Here are some ideas on how to minimize the impacts of your trip, check them out!

sustainable travel in brazil
Plastic cup brought by the tide to Moreré Beach
Photo: Elaine Villatoro
  • Avoid generating garbage. As in every island, waste management in Boipeba is extremely complex. Take your reusable items and say no to single-use plastic.
  • If you are going to buy ready-made drinks, always opt for drinks in aluminum cans, which have a high recycling rate in our country.
  • Use biodegradable products whenever possible.
  • Watch what you eat! Did you know that lobsters, shrimp, guaiamus and crabs cannot be sold at certain times of the year? They need time for them to reproduce. Check the closed seasons for each animal here.
  • Discover and support the social projects Vivá Moreré and Nossa Oka Moreré.
  • Support local entrepreneurs and producers.
  • Avoid big events on the island. Most of the locals do not enjoy these events because the island is not prepared to receive them. It is common to lack water, energy, and other things at these times, and waste management is very complicated to deal with this volume.

Well, I’ll stop here. I hope you enjoyed this guide made with such care to make your trip easier. This place has stolen my heart and will surely steal yours too. I wish you a fantastic trip!

Questions or observations about this paradise? Leave a comment ✍🏼.

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*The mentioned values ​​were collected in January 2024 for reference only and are subject to change.

Note: Our accommodation at Pousada Mangabeiras was a courtesy, as well as the Ecomar kayak tour. But rest assured, all opinions expressed here are sincere and reflect our experiences 🤗.

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What to do in Boipeba at night?

Don’t know what to do in Boipeba at night? If you are in Velha Boipeba, check the event schedule of Casinha Latina, Canoa Quebrada Music Bar and Mirante do Divino. Are you in Moreré? Consult the schedule of Casa Filtro, Boteco Deu Praia and Pontal do Bainema. Other events may be informed in this Instagram page: Rolê Boipeba.