Find out where to stay in Rio de Janeiro, the best neighborhoods and get to know the best hotels and hostels in the city.

Knowing where to stay in Rio de Janeiro is an essential part of having the best experience in the Marvelous City, after all, Rio is big and very diverse.

If you are going for tourism, for work, or both, it is important to know the different areas in the city so you are able to choose a place that fits the experience you would like to have during your trip.

Best areas and hotels to stay in Rio de Janeiro

In this article we will tell you a little about the most interesting and safe areas to stay in Rio.

We have also selected some of the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro for each location, from the luxury ones till the most affordable options.

Be sure to also read our super complete post where we help you on what to do in Rio de Janeiro to have an even better time there!

South Zone of Rio de Janeiro

The south zone of Rio is undoubtedly the most trendy in the city and also the one with the greatest tourist infrastructure.

It is there that the most famous beaches are located, such as Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach that you for sure have already heard about.

Copacabana is the neighborhood with the largest number of hotels.

The advantage of staying in this area is that there is a lot to do, there are several transportation options, it is close to great tourist attractions, bars and excellent restaurants.

In addition, the southern area is a safer option, as it is very busy during the day and at night.

This is my favorite area to stay in Rio and the one I recommend the most.

Arena Ipanema Hotel

The Arena Ipanema Hotel is one of the best rated hotels in the area and offers great value and an excellent location, close to Arpoador and 500 meters from Copacabana beach.

The rooms are modern and comfortable, they also offer a gym and sauna and on the terrace, you will find a beautiful swimming pool and an incredible beach view.

Hotel Rio de Janeiro Ipanema
Room at Arena Ipanema Hotel
Photo: Booking

And if you want a quieter place, Leblon is a great option in that area. By the way, I love Leblon! =D

However, the neighborhood has the most expensive square meter in Brazil and this also reflects the value of accommodation and services.

The neighborhood of Botafogo is a middle ground between the beach districts of the south zone and the center of Rio.

It is a great option for those who want a good cost benefit when it comes to staying.

In Botafogo, our recommendation is Yoo2.


Hotel in Botafogo
Room at Yoo2. Modern and with an incredible view!
Photo: Booking

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro is located in front of Botafogo Beach and has an incredible view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and the beautiful Corcovado Mountains.

In addition, the rooms are super modern and have incredible decor.

Not to mention the terrace, where you can contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro.

Hotels in downtown Rio de Janeiro

For those who travel on business or want to enjoy a more cultural part of Rio de Janeiro, staying in the center can be a good thing.

The area is full of architectural works, museums, great bars and lots of history.

There, you can choose the port region, the famous Lapa, the nearby Santos Dumont Airport or the historic and charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

Lapa is ideal for those who want to enjoy the night in one of the most bohemian areas of Rio de Janeiro.

The area is full of bars, nightclubs and good restaurants. And oddly enough the neighborhood is safer at night than during the day.

In Lapa, our recommendation is Vila Galé, one of the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro.

Vila Galé

If you like boutique hotels, you will fall in love with Vila Galé Rio de Janeiro.

It is located in an old palace from the 19th century and offers 292 rooms!

And the most interesting thing is that Vila Galé managed to combine modernity and comfort with palatial charm, with decor inspired by samba, bossa nova and Luso-Brazilian culture.

Oh! And the daily rates are affordable =)

best hotel in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Room at Vila Galé Rio
Photo: Booking

Still in downtown Rio, the neighborhood of Santa Teresa is historic, charming and offers the old Rio de Janeiro experience, with its conserved and photogenic houses.

In the Santa Teresa neighborhood, our recommendation is the Rio Panoramic Hotel, which offers a beautiful view of Guanabara Bay, and is super cozy, with only 6 rooms.

Rio Panoramic

Rio Panoramic hotel in Santa Teresa
Rio Panoramic – How incredible is having breakfast with a view like this?
Photo: Booking

Rio Panoramic Hotel is located in an old colonial mansion, and for that reason the decoration is charming in the Art Deco style that resembles the European houses of the early 20th century.

And the bathrooms in the suites are a success. You feel like you’re in an old movie!

Hotels near Rio de Janeiro Airport

For those traveling on business or who want the convenience of being close to the airport, stay at the Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont.

Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont - Hotels near Rio de Janeiro Airport
View from the terrace at Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont
Photo: Booking

Prodigy Hotel Santos Dumont is the best option, as it is connected to the airport and is only a short walk away from there and offers excellent infrastructure.

One of the hotel’s strong points is the infinity pool and the wonderful view from the windows and terrace!

Luxury hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Now if you are looking for a luxurious experience in Rio de Janeiro, the city has plenty of options, here are some suggestions for you:

Belmond Copacabana Palace

Belmond Copacabana Palace - Luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro
Belmond Copacabana Palace – Luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Booking

Located in Copacabana beach, Belmond Copacabana Palace is the most famous luxury hotel in Rio.

This 5 star hotel has welcomed several artists, has been shown in movies and hosted several events.

Copacabana Palace also stands out for being the only hotel in South America where 2 out of its 3 restaurants have Michelin star.

Hotel Fasano

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro
Hotel Fasano
Photo: Booking

Wow! This picture is breathtaking isn’t it?

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro is another glamorous option, but this one located in Ipanema.

This 5 star hotel offer great service and restaurant. The best part is its infinity pool which gives you the view of Arpoador and Morro Dois Irmãos.

Grand Hyatt

Hotel in Barra da Tijuca
Grand Hyatt Barra da Tijuca
Foto: Booking

In Barra da Tijuca a nice option is to stay at Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro which offers a privileged view of the Reserve beach and Marapendi Lagoon.

The hotel has 3 restaurants, a spa, gym, a really nice pool and is pet friendly.

Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

If you want to save money, meet new people or if you like to stay in a more relaxed environment, a hostel may be a good choice.

And in Rio de Janeiro city there are countless options for incredible hostels, for all styles.

In Ipanema, El Misti Hostel is an excellent option, located by the sea, close to Posto 9 and with a super lively bar.

Room at El Misti Hostel Ipanema
Room at El Misti Hostel Ipanema
Photo: Booking

Another great option on the south side, in Copacabana, is Hoshtel, one of the best hostels in Rio de Janeiro, one that makes you feel at home!

It is right between Ipanema and Copacabana and offers a really good infrastructure.

Room at Hoshtel
Room at Hoshtel
Photo: Booking

In Botafogo, one of the best options is the Injoy Hostel, close to the Botafogo subway station.

The hostel stands out for its comfortable infrastructure, high quality service and affordable prices.

best Hostels in Rio de Janeiro
Double room at Injoy Hostel no Rio
Photo: Booking

When are you planning to travel to Rio? Tell us where you are thinking of staying in Rio. =)

We hope this post has helped you!!!

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