Things to do in Curitiba: Find out what are the best attractions in this Brazilian city

There is so much to do in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná! I am a nature fan, but I have always avoided this city, thinking it would just be another gray metropolis, but I must admit: I was super wrong.

The green is everywhere in this city, and there are several parks and nature spots. The gardens are carefully well maintained and I heard that they are the city’s treasure.

Curitiba is known as a model city, pleasing everyone who visits it, and has a good reputation for being clean, organized and also a good place to live.

So, I decided to gather more information in this complete guide and it also report how my experience was in Curitiba, telling you what to do during the day and night, with or without rain, at any day of the week.

Where Curitiba is located and how to get there

Curitiba is the capital of the state of Paraná, in the southern region of Brazil, about 934 meters in altitude in the first plateau of Paraná.

The city is a bit over 400 km from São Paulo and the journey by car takes about 6 hours.

The good news is that the road is very well maintained and signposted, making this trip by car enjoyable (ah, and the landscape is beautiful). To rent a car, use our link from RentCars.

For those who choose to go by bus, the trip is very comfortable, and it is made by several companies that connect Curitiba to various capitals and cities of Brazil. The bus ticket from São Paulo to Curitiba costs around R$ 110.

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Curitiba Airport

The airport of Curitiba is called Afonso Pena International Airport (CWB) located in the city of São José dos Pinhais, about 18 km from Curitiba’s downtown.

And as Curitiba has a good reputation, this airport was awarded as the best airport in Brazil by the Ministry of Transportation.

Weather in Curitiba

Curitiba is the coldest capital of Brazil, with well-defined seasons and average summer temperatures around 21 °C.

Many factors influence Curitiba’s climate, but mostly the flat terrain surrounded by mountains and the dry air masses that dominate south-central Brazil.

During the winter, the average temperature is 13ºC in the coldest month, but sometimes it reaches below 2ºC.

In Curitiba, never leave the house/hotel without your umbrella, as it is very common for the weather to change abruptly and start raining.

Tourist Attractions of Curitiba

Below you will find more information about the main tourist attractions of Curitiba:

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Curitiba
The Botanical Garden is a delightful day visit in Curitiba!

The Curitiba Botanical Garden, opened in 1991, and is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

Inspired by French gardens, with a large welcoming carpet of flowers, the Garden is very charming. There you’ll find a metal structure that houses various botanical species.

The place is amazing, especially on sunny days!

Address: Rua Eng°. Ostoja Roguski, 690 – Jardim Botânico. 

Phone: +55 (41) 3264-6994

The admission is free and the park is open everyday from 6 am to 8 pm (in summer it is open until 9 pm).

LMTM Tip: Do you want to take pictures at the Botanical Garden without the crowds around you?

Arrive there early, as soon as the park opens. It is worth having flexibility in the itinerary so you can choose the day with the best weather to visit the place.

Ópera de Arame’ Opera House

The Ópera de Arame is one of the symbols of Curitiba and it is a must for your city tour.

This place is a theater that hosts all kinds of shows, from the most popular to the classic, even if you don’t go to a concert, the visit is worth it, because it was built in a wonderful environment and the structure is quite cool.

Opera House Curitiba
Inside the Opera House in Curitiba.

Address: Rua João Gava, 920. – Abranches.

Phone: +55 (41) 3264-6994

The ticket costs R$ 12 and on Wednesdays admission is free.

The hours of operation are from 10 am to 6 pm every day. In addition, the location is accessible for visitors with reduced mobility.

LMTM Tip: As in the Botanical Garden, it is worth arriving very early to take pictures with more room and tranquility. 

Opera de Arame Opera House in Curitiba
Even if you don’t go to a concert, visiting Opera de Arame is really worth it.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Also known as the Eye Museum, Oscar Niemeyer is an art museum of national and international importance, focusing on arts, architecture and design.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba
Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba.

Address: Rua Marechal Hermes, 999 – Centro Cí́vico.

Phone: +55 (41) 3350-4400

The Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, with admission costing R$ 20 full and R $ 10 half, and on Wednesdays admission is free. Besides that the museum offers accessibility.

Bosque do Papa

Bosque do Papa is the memorial of Polish immigration. The park was opened in 1980 and it represents the faith and struggle of Polish immigrants that began in the 1970s. 

Bosque do Papa in Curitiba
This park is an invitation to connect with nature, even in the city.

Address: Rua Mateus Leme/Rua Vieira Santos/Rua Mário de Barros, centro.

Phone: +55 (41) 3313-7194

The park opens daily from 7 am to 8 pm, and the memorial opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Santa Felicidade Neighborhood

Santa Felicidade is a super charming neighborhood in Curitiba. It emerged in 1878 with the arrival of Italian immigrants.

The neighborhood is 7 km from the center and it is full of wineries and craft stores. The visit is a delight!

Panoramic Tower

This is where you can have an incredible view of the city, in a tower that offers a 360º view of Curitiba. 

Panoramic Tower of Curitiba.
Panoramic Tower of Curitiba.
Photo: Gazeta do Povo.

Address: Rua Prof. Lycio Grein de Castro Vellozo, 191, bairro Mercês

Phone: +55 (41) 3339-7613

The Panoramic Tower can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. The tickets cost R$5 and are sold until 6:30 pm.

Bosque Alemão Park

Bosque Alemão is a great place to visit with kids and has a gazebo with a beautiful view of the city and Serra do Mar.

 Viewpoint Tower in Bosque Alemão.
Viewpoint Tower in Bosque Alemão.
Photo: Ricardo Almeida/Prefeitura de Curitiba

In addition, the staircase leading to the woods is rustic and very beautiful, and along the way they tell Hansel and Gretel’s story.

On the way, they also have the “Witch’s House” which is where some witches tell stories to children on Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

There, they also perform a ritual to take children’s pacifier and bottle in a positive way (hello parents on duty!).

Address: R. Nicolo Paganini, s/n – Pilarzinho, Curitiba – PR, 81720-300

Phone: +55 (41) 3568-1087

The woods open daily from 8 am to 6 pm, and admission is free.

Metropolitan Cathedral

The Basílica Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais Cathedral located in Tiradentes Square in the Center has a very different architecture and offers guided tours by appointment.

Address: Rua Barão do Serro Azul, 31

Phone: +55 (41) 3324-5136

Things to do in Curitiba

For those who have more time, there is soooo much to do in Curitiba, so here are some more tips that go beyond the sights:

Municipal Market

The Municipal Market was founded in 1958 and attracts many residents and visitors of Curitiba. In the market there are several stalls with spices, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and lots of crafts.

It is a great place for walking, shopping and also eating a nice meal in one of the market restaurants.

Municipal Market of Curitiba
Municipal Market of Curitiba.
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 1865.

Phone: +55 (41) 3363-3764

Opening hours: Monday, from 7 am to 2 pm; Tuesday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm; Sunday from 7 am to 1 pm.

Curitiba Comedy Club

How about enjoying your days in Curitiba to have a good laugh?

Curitiba Comedy Club is the first space totally dedicated to comedy in Brazil and it has received great Brazilian personalities like Fabio Porchat and Danilo Gentili.

The bar, which also offers drinks and snacks, is open from Tuesday to Saturday and does not allow under 14s.

Address: Rua Mateus Leme, 2467.

Largo da Ordem Street Fair

On Sundays, there is the Largo da Ordem Fair, which attracts hundreds of visitors from 9 am to 2 pm.

Largo da Ordem Fair
Largo da Ordem Fair.
Photo: Claudio Graziani/Prefeitura de Curitiba

In the fair, there are several stalls with handmade products made with various materials, as well as art, music and street theater. In this market I bought a wonderful hibiscus jelly!

The fair takes place from 9 am to 2 pm in the historical sector, in Largo da Ordem Square.


Curitiba has several parks, and is a super green city. And the most interesting thing is that the city has turned a flooding problem during rainy seasons into tourist attractions that bring thousands of visitors to the city.

For those who love being in touch with nature, the city is a full plate. When you are there, be sure to visit at least one of these parks: Barigui, Tingui, Tanguá or Passaúna Park. It is super worth it!

Praça das Nações Square

This tip I got from the locals, so it’s an information that almost no visitors know about.

Praça das Nações is an ideal place to watch the sunset in Curitiba, and being in a high region without buildings, it offers an incredible view of the city. Furthermore, the square has a small parking lot and a children’s playground.

Sunset at Praça das Nações.
Sunset at Praça das Nações.
Photo:Levy Ferreira/Prefeitura de Curitiba

Address: Av. Senhora da Luz, Alto da Rua XV.

Vale da Música

Vale da Música is a floating stage located on the lake next to the Opera House. There you can enjoy quality instrumental music while you drink or eat something in the Opera Art restaurant.

Address: Rua João Gava, 920

“Tour de Boteco” Pubs Tour

If you like pub food you will love this experience! The Boteco Tour is a guided tour to the best bars in Curitiba and it promotes interaction between the participants.

The value is approximately R$ 80, there are 8 itinerary options and the meeting point, days and times may vary. So check out the schedule and sign up on their website.

Morretes & Ekoa Park 

If you have more time in Curitiba, extend your trip to Morretes, a super charming city on the coast of the state of Paraná, about 60 km from the capital (about 1h15min by car).

With colonial heritage, Morretes has a beautiful architecture and natural beauty, as well as a great local cuisine. Take a look in our article that tells you all about Morretes.

Seriously, you’ll be grateful that you gave Morretes a chance on your trip!

When in Morretes, be sure to visit Ekôa Park, a place full of meaning where you can reconnect with nature.

Ekoa Park Morretes PR
Ekôa Park in Morretes.
Photo: Elaine Villatoro.

The park is in the middle of a forest reserve in the Atlantic Forest, and there are various activities for all ages, such as workshops, courses, trails, tree climbing, captive balloon flight and much more.

Check out our article about Ekôa Park and don’t miss it.

What to do in Curitiba on a rainy day?

Considering that rain in Curitiba is common, it is worth having an idea of what to do in this situation. Niemeyer Museum, Municipal Market, 24 Hours Street, Egyptian Museum and Rosacruz, Café do Viajante, Holocaust Museum are some of the options.

What to do in Curitiba during the night?

Besides the Curitiba Comedy Club, mentioned earlier in this article, it is worth it to enjoy places like Sheridan’s Irish Pub, Taco el Pancho, Sal Market, Taj Bar, or watch some play at the Guaíra Theater.

What to do in Curitiba for free?

Visit Botanical Garden, Bosque do Papa, Bosque Alemão, Municipal Market, Parks, Squares and City Fairs. Details provided in the full article.

Tourist Bus in Curitiba

It is worth mentioning that the city has a Tourism Line that starts at Tiradentes Square and travels 26 sights, 45 km in approximately 3 hours.

The line operates from 9 am to 5:30 pm every day except on Mondays and you can take buses every 30 minutes.

Children up to 5 years old do not pay to get in, while adults pay R$ 50 for the card that is valid for 24 hours from the first use. 

Tickets must be paid in cash and can be purchased at any boarding point.

Sights covered by the Touristic Line in Curitiba.
Sights covered by the Tourist Line in Curitiba.

Check here for more information about the Tourist Line of Curitiba.

Where to Stay in Curitiba

Although I stayed at a friend’s house during my trip, I separated here some really cool options in Curitiba for you to stay.

Thinking about location and options of what to do, I suggest staying in the Center or in the Batel District.

Hotels in Curitiba

Like every big city, Curitiba has several hotel options as you can see on the map below.

But still, I have some suggestions fo you:

Nomaa Hotel

A friend of mine stayed at Nomaa Hotel, located in Batel, and loved it. If you like sophistication and a more personal type of service this is my tip.

San Juan Johnscher Hotel

The San Juan Johnscher Hotel is located in Curitiba’s Historic Center and its building is considered a city’s historical heritage. In addition to being very charming and affordable, Johnscher has good guest recommendations.

O Bosque Hostel

For those who want to save money or stay in a more relaxed environment and suddenly make new friends, Bosque Hostel is in the Civic Center near the Niemeyer Museum.

Do you know any cool places in Curitiba or things to do that aren’t here but should be? Tell us =)

Oh, and if you think the tips are over, it is not! We decided to make another article about where to eat in Curitiba, so you can enjoy the best of the gastronomy of this city as well.

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