Did you know that GoPro has a specific setting for night photo?

The night photo function is available from Hero4 Silver onwards and a lot of people still don’t know about it or don’t know how to use it.

That is why I created this step by step guide, here you will learn how to take similar pictures to the ones below.

Details that make a difference

Before watching the step by step video, it is important for know this:

– Photo of Stars

The darkest is the spot you are, you have bigger chances of getting a cool night photo of the stars.

– Night Photo with People or Objects

If the place is too dark you may need to create light to capture people or objects in the photo.

I usually have a lantern that I can point to these objects. In the camel shot for example I pointed the light towards the camel and I.

– Shutter

The longest the shutter exposure is, the more light the camera will capture.

I always make some tests to see the preferred result.

GoPro’s tips for night photos

GoPro’s website has some recommended shutter settings according to the situation you are in:

2, 5 and 10 seconds: Used when there is a source of light in the frame. Exemples are: ferris wheel, firework, traffic at night, etc…

20 seconds: Used when there is barely any light. Example: Moon light.

30 seconds: When there is no light and you want to get only the starts.

– Don’t move (neither the camera or the object in the scene)

Due to the long exposure neither the camera or the object in the scene shall move, otherwise you will get a blurry picture.

Get a tripod or place the camera somewhere stable, if you are in the scene you will need to hold your breath and don’t blink during the shutter time that was set.

Lucky me, besides being able to control my movements I had the camel standing still for 15sec in one of my pics and a shooting star passing by at the same time.

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Step by Step

Watch the vídeo, take some pics and tag #LmtmNightPhoto so I can see it =)


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