Why you should present yourself as a traveler in a job interview

Some people picture a traveler as a nomad carrying a huge backpack, well…actually traveling is an art that goes beyond just a vacation in paradise.

When people travel they have the opportunity to experience new things, to meet people with different realities, they have to face unexpected problems and for many times they get out of their comfort zone. All of these things provide a traveler some skills that are really valuable for his career and also for his life.

Here is the list of 15 skills a traveler develops:

Globally minded:

A traveler knows a lot about other cultures and economical situation. He understands people’s differences and knows how to approach them.

Skills a traveler develops: Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Angkor Wat – Cambodia


Planning a trip is not as simple as it seems, it may take couple of days, weeks or months.

Decision Making:

A traveler is fully responsible for what happens to him. He needs to decide whether or not accept help from a certain person, where he is going to eat, where he is going to stay, etc.

Skills a traveler develops: Thai Food
Thai Food

Language skills:

He improves his language skills by traveling and meeting people from all around the world, especially when English is his second language.

Relationship building:

Worldwide connections are in a traveler’s blood!

Skills a traveler develops: Maya Bay Sleep Aboard Tour - Thailand
Maya Bay Sleep Aboard Tour – Thailand

Time Management:

He needs to set priorities and manage his daily time to not miss a flight or a tour and also to be able to see everything he wants in a city.

Value simple things:

He has probably stayed in unclean places, has seen people in poor conditions, has been at places with politic and security issues, and away from home for enough time to miss someone special. After this, he may be thankful for having a regular toilet to use, may go crazy when he gets clean sheets, and appreciates better many other things =)

Skills a traveler develops: Toilet - Vietnam
Toilet – Vietnam


Things will go wrong in a trip, he may miss a flight, a bus, or a tour, but he has to learn how to deal with disappointment before turning his trip in a complaint saga.


He is sociable and more easygoing than most of people.

Skills a traveler develops: Halong Bay - Vietnam
Halong Bay – Vietnam

Financial notion:

In order to travel he needs to define a budget, to save money and control expenses because he knows he should never run out of money before the end of his trip.


A traveler moves from one hostel/hotel to another every couple of days and for that he needs to quickly get used to a new bed, bathroom or even culture and food.

Skills a traveler develops: Night train from Hanoi to Sapa - Vietnam
Night train from Hanoi to Sapa – Vietnam

Problem solving:

He has found himself in trouble and in situations he could never imagine but he figured out a way to get out of it.


Once he had to deal with multiple problems and succeeded in his decisions he ends up gathering more confidence in himself.


A traveler never forgets where he has been, where it is located on the map and what the place’s characteristics are.


Many times he gets to do things and find disposition by himself because there is no one else to rely.

Skills a traveler develops: Machu Picchu Mountain - Peru
Machu Picchu Mountain – Peru

Considering all of theses skills a traveler develops, maybe from now on you will get some extra points by presenting yourself as an experienced traveler on a job interview 😉


Live More, Travel More.

By Elaine Villatoro

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