It feels so good touching people's lives

People told me many times I should have a travel blog because I am always travelling, and in the end of last year, since I was about to go to Asia and I was sure it would be nice to share my experience with everyone, I decided to go for it.

Well, I had to learn how to build a website by myself, I had to write my first post having no clue on how to do it…But I didn’t do everything by myself, my friends helped me to decide the blog’s name, a friend helped me by doing my logo, another one helped me to write my first post in English…FRIENDS, what a great word?! How to live without them?!

Later, when I came back from my trip I had a GREAT surprise! I went back to work and I figure out that a LOT of people followed my whole trip through Facebook and Instagram, they wanted to hear my stories, they showed interested to go to the places I went…I have shared my itinerary plan with at least 6 close friends that are totally engaged to go to Asia… Besides that I have heard “I always show your Facebook posts to my husband, I bet there is no book you read that could give you so much knowledge as your trips”, “Your Instagram is the best one I follow”, “I want to be like you one day, travelling the world”…

Our Live More, Travel More page says that the goal of this blog is to inspire people to travel more often, and I see that it is happening…and not only that, the people that follow us are getting more curious about places, cultures, and somehow the blog is spreading something positive everyday either through a picture or video…

Well, I just wrote it because I want to scream out that IT FEELS SO GOOD TOUCHING PEOPLE’S LIVES!!! And I want more… =D

How about traveling and touching people’s lives as well?