A place where you can call it HOME.Usually travellers talk about being somewhere new, but today let’s talk about our home sweet home.

After a crazy 1 and a half year which I had to pack everything I have and move for 3 times, I finally have a feeling that I haven’t had for a while. I feel like “I’m HOME!”.

What is home for you?

5 years ago, while I was living in San Jose (California) a guy told me: “There is no place like HOME”.

Today I fully agree with him, although when he said that he was referring to his family’s house. In my understanding, HOME may have different definitions, a place where:

  • you feel comfortable;
  • you feel like you can be 100% yourself and you are not afraid of being judged;
  • you feel loved;
  • and/or where you feel accomplished, because you’ve worked hard to have it.

What do we have in common in all these definitions? FEELING!

You can be at home, but it doesn’t mean that you have that nice feeling of being home.

There is no place like home

Last year while living in Australia for work, I was lucky enough to be living in a nice serviced apartment in Sydney, right in downtown and with a housekeeper coming daily. Cool, right?.

People called me crazy because I brought a Buddha statue and a Thai painting with me (perhaps I am a bit crazy lol). The truth is that I was just trying to make that apartment my home. I bought flowers every week trying to make it more like home, although that FEELING of being at home did not really exist.

In January, 2015 I was backpacking in Southeast Asia for 30 days. I remember how happy I was when I got back home and smelled my clean sheets and took a shower in my own bathroom without flip-flops.

What a priceless feeling!

Probably, I would not value all of this if I haven’t had these travel experiences. Thankfully I did, and today I am fully grateful for this feeling of being home.