All you need to know about Worldpackers. Including our personal review and tips that will change the way you travel and volunteer!

How about traveling, learning new skills and experiencing cultural immersion while contributing to the communities you pass while doing some volunteer work? Or, save money while traveling by exchanging your knowledge for accommodation in Brazil and abroad? If your heart beats faster just imagining these scenarios, you need to meet Worldpackers, a collaborative community with over 2 million registered travelers!

In this article you will understand what Worldpackers is, how it works, what types of experiences they offer, if it is reliable and much more. In addition, we’ll explain how you can learn to travel cost-effectively and work in digital content production through the Worldpackers Academy, or even get paid for it by participating in the Worldpackers Programs. Let’s go?

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General information about Worldpackers

What is Worldpackers?

Founded in 2014 by two Brazilian friends, Worldpackers (WP) is a collaborative community. It connects welcoming hosts from around the world with travelers over 18 who, like you and me, seek a deeper connection to the destinations they pass and the people who live there.
Collaboration takes place through voluntary work and work exchange. Connections are made via an online platform.
worldpackers: work exchange site

How does Worldpackers work?

Worldpackers acts in a collaborative way, that is, without employment contracts or wages. Each host has a need and amount of hours they need help, on average 20-25 hours per week. The services provided by travelers cannot exceed 32 hours per week and more than 3 consecutive months in the same location.
To exchange skill for accommodation, the traveler must register via the Worldpackers website or app. After registering, users can search and apply for volunteer and work exchange opportunities, create a list of places they want to go, chat with hosts, other travelers and ask questions.

Is Worldpackers reliable?

Yes, Worldpackers can be trusted. I’ve already had my first experience during a social action and I recommend it! See my review here.
WP staff checks all hosts, checking documentation, address and references for approval. There are several testimonies published from members and hosts that are followed by the platform, which keeps the community transparent and safer for everyone.
Worldpackers also offers support in three languages, before, during and after travel. Not to mention Worldpackers Insurance in case something doesn’t go as planned.
LMTM Tip: For greater security, keep all key points of your conversation with the host inside the platform, okay?!

What types of experiences does Worldpackers offer?

At Worldpackers, you can live incredible experiences, such as:

– Contribute to NGOs that work to protect animals or develop communities;
– Helping in environmental projects related to sustainability in ecovillages and sites with permaculture and bioconstruction practices;
– Develop new skills when working at the reception or even managing the social networks of a lodging or holistic center;
– Participate in social actions aimed at planting trees or cleaning beaches as a volunteer.

Skills you can learn and exercise

To be a volunteer or to do a work exchange (work in exchange for housing) you don’t need to be a professional, what matters is wanting to collaborate and be willing to learn and share knowledge. What can you do? What kind of skills do you want to learn? See list of most requested skills:

Elaine Villatoro during a volunteer work with Worldpackers
  • Reception
  • Housework
  • Organize Events and Parties
  • Local guide
  • Beach cleaning
  • Babysitter
  • Teach Languages and Sports
  • Child care
  • Help in Cultivation and Harvesting
  • Gardening
  • General repairs
  • Painting and Decoration
  • Social media
  • Write content
  • Photography and Video
  • Web development
  • Preparing Meals or Drinks
  • Arts and Music

Advantages of becoming a WP member

In the experiences lived with Worldpackers Brasil, accommodation will always be included, whether private, shared or camping. This is the collaboration the host must provide in exchange for the traveler’s help. Often the benefit goes beyond accommodation, such as meals and access to laundry facilities.

Hostel da Vila Ilhabela
Vila Ilhabela Hostel: Accommodation I stayed during beach cleaning action
Photo: Elaine Villatoro

Other advantages that vary depending on the host are access to tours, classes, parties, local discounts, etc. Not to mention the learning from mutual development, the fact that you can learn other languages, make new friends and a real immersion in the destination visited.

Worldpackers Insurance

Even with great care in the selection of hosts, unforeseen events that are beyond the control of the platform can occur. In order not to let travelers down if there are problems related to the local infrastructure or if the host does not comply with what was agreed, the Worldpackers Insurance was created.

Faced with any of these situations, the WP team will help you to find a new host. If necessary, the traveler can stay for up to 3 nights in a shared room hostel in the region, while waiting for the new accommodation. 

Worldpackers Insurance is not valid if the person responsible for the event is the traveler.

Worldpackers Academy

At Worldpackers Academy the user finds hundreds of video lessons produced by those who are always traveling, to learn and be inspired.

Worldpackers academy

Classes are divided into three groups, called trails: one on volunteering travel (free of charge), another on digital nomadism, and another on travel planning. Classes range from topics related to volunteering, personal development and even financial planning, language basics and opportunities to earn money while traveling.

Worldpackers Brazil plans and prices

There are three plans: WP Academy, WP Trips and WP Pack. All values informed are about one-time fee for the 12-month period, renewal is not automatic (That’s right, no pranks!😉).

At WP Academy, the user can choose to purchase access to a variety of digital nomadism and travel planning content. The trails, with hundreds of lessons, have separate accesses and cost US$39 each.

In the WP Trips plan, members can contact all hosts as well as access all their information, apply to as many places as they want and confirm trips. They also rely on WP Insurance, Community Happiness team for support and can earn money with WP Programs. The fare for the WP Trip Solo plan is US$49, and the Trip Couples/Friends costs US$59 (it is not possible to travel alone on this plan).

If you are interested in all these accesses, the WP Pack plan is the most suitable. The fee is US$99 and includes all the benefits of WP Trips Solo and access to two paid tracks on the Academy, with exclusive content.

But of course, as always, we got a special discount for our followers. Click on the image below and get a US$10 Worldpackers discount coupon with our affiliate link.

Worldpackers discount code

Important! Tickets and any documentation necessary to travel are the responsibility of the traveler. As Worldpackers is not a travel agency, it does not include travel consultancy or any allowance for transportation and meals not included.

Step-by-step to get your first experience

So, cheered up? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your first experience at Worldpackers:

How does Worldpackers work
  1. Create a very complete profile at Worldpackers. To stand out, include photos and presentation video;
  2. Choose a plan for solo or pair travel (yes, you can travel as a couple or with friends) and become a member of the community;
  3. Complete courses at Worldpackers Academy and earn certificates to increase your chances of passing;
  4. Choose where you want to travel and find vacancies that interest you, check the requirements and apply by sending a customized message to the host explaining why you found the incredible opportunity;
  5. You will receive pre-approval if the host understands that your profile will meet their needs;
  6. Check what documentation is needed to travel and arrange all the details of the job with the host. Dialogue and transparency here are essential for you to have a successful experience;
  7. All right? Now just confirm your trip through the platform to get all the Worldpackers benefits and pack your bags.
  8. Live the experience, travel, collaborate and practice sustainable tourism 💚!
  9. Always try to leave evaluations at the end of experiences, helping the platform to keep the community safe. Remember that with positive references, you become a Worldpackers Expert and can be paid through the Worldpackers Programs.

How to make money with Worldpackers

What do you think about, besides traveling without paying for accommodation, earning money to travel while sharing your experiences? This is possible through Worldpackers Programs!

woman doing an work exchange with worldpackers

To participate, you must be an active member of the community and be recognized as an “Expert” through positive reviews from hosts who have already received you.

There are four program options:

  • Blogger: helping Worldpackers content through articles, the traveler can receive from R$60 to R$170 for each article approved and published;
  • Guru: through content created by the traveler himself, inspiring others to join the community, it is possible to earn US$10 for each new entry as a form of commission;
  • Videomaker: this program is also aimed at helping with the website’s content, but producing and/or editing videos. The remuneration is up to R$400 for each video approved and published;
  • Scouts: know a project or place that can be a host? In this program, the user receives a payment of US$10 to US$20 per approved host.

The creation of content is according to the requested themes, as the hosts must be from countries or projects pre-determined by the WP team.

Worldpackers Review

Do you want to feel a little more about how everything happens in practice? Check out my experience with Worldpackers below.

Beach Cleaning Social Work

Beach Clean Up with Worldpackers in Brazil
Social Action for Beach Cleaning in Ilhabela – September 18th, 2021
Photo: Lucas Bianque

My first experience with Worldpackers Brasil was during a beach cleaning action on the north coast of São Paulo. This type of action only lasts 3 days:

  • Day 1: Arrival at the host
  • Day 2: 6 hours of volunteer work
  • Day 3: Free until check-out at the host

I stayed at Vilas Hostel in Ilhabela, the host received us very well and the action was very well organized. We received WP t-shirts and when we arrived at the beach we received gloves, buckets and a hat to carry out the collection of waste safely and efficiently. At the end of collection, we did all the waste separation and counting.

If you’re new to WP this is a great option to familiarize yourself with the community, feel the volunteering vibe, and meet other members who can give you lots of tips on who frequently travels with Worldpackers. It was contagious to realize how many people see the platform as a tool to travel more, help communities and contribute to the planet.

And then? Did you get an idea of how Worldpackers works? If you have any questions, leave them here in the comments and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Note: This is a post made with the support of Worldpackers, but rest assured, all opinions expressed here are sincere and reflect our experience with the community, which by the way was wonderful and soon I will have a new experience with them! 🥰

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