Worldpackers Promotional Code! Worldpackers (WP) is a collaborative community that connects hosts from all over the world with travelers like you and me, who want to have a deeper integration to the destinations they travel to and the people who live there. On their online platform, you can find work exchange and volunteer work opportunities around the globe. To further inspire you to be part of this community, we’re going to give you an exclusive discount code.

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We’ve got you a US$10 Worldpackers discount code applied to the annual fee. The coolest thing is that our promotional code is valid on any date and for any of the plans offered by the platform.

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Frequently asked questions about Worldpackers:

How much does Worldpackers cost?

Worldpackers plans range from USD 49 to USD 99, with a one-time fee valid for 12 months. WP Academy = USD39, WP Trips = USD49 to 59 and WP Pack = USD99. But if you are an LMTM reader, you have a US$10 discount at Worldpackers.

Is Worldpackers worth it?

The chance of being able to travel at low cost, having contact with people and cultures from around the world and still having work experience are advantages that make Worldpackers worthwhile. Including the possibility to help with projects and NGOs, all with support and security.

Which is better, Worldpackers or Workaway?

Both platforms offer volunteer and work exchange opportunities and they have good recommendations, but we use and recommend Worldpackers for the following reasons:
– Worldpackers offers its own insurance that helps you to find a new host in case something goes wrong;
– Worldpackers Academy has online courses for cheap travel and even earn money while traveling;
– With the discount code we got, the Worldpackers annual fee is more affordable, the WP Trips plan goes for US$39, for example.

How do I get a Worldpackers promo code?

To get a discount on Worldpackers annual membership just use our affiliate link.
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Job opportunities at Worldpackers

worldpackers discount code - US$10 off promo code
Beach cleanup in Ilhabela, Brazil – September 18th, 2021
Photo: Lucas Bianque

More than an cost-effective alternative for traveling the world, Worldpackers connects travelers with thousands of hosts, not only at hostels, but also in places such as farms, guest houses, campings, ecovillages, NGOs, among others.

You can participate in social actions such as cleaning beaches, taking care of and acting in the rehabilitation of animals, building a community garden or exchange some services like reception, social media, cleaning services, among others, for accommodation. Check out some of the vacancies here.

This is a great way to see the world, make a positive impact and learn new things. In each vacancy, you can identify what kind of work you can offer and what the host can provide you in return.

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