How about going on a paragliding flight in Rio de Janeiro? When you chose flying with Best Fly Rio you not only pay the lowest fare possible, you also get photos from a GoPro camera and R$100 discount when buying Insta 360° images.

How does paragliding in Rio work?

Unfortunately it was raining when I was in Rio de Janeiro so I couldn’t do it 😩. But while I don’t do it myself, nothing prevents you from doing it, right?! That’s why I’ve gathered some information and have negotiated the best rate and benefits for you.

What you need to know before paragliding over Rio de Janeiro’s coast

During a paragliding flight in Rio de Janeiro, you can see the famous Pedra da Gávea, Tijuca Forest and São Conrado beach from above. This is undoubtedly an incredible and unforgettable experience!

You will be lying next to the instructor, both need to run a little to be able to take off, this being one of the moments of greatest adrenaline. You will be landing on the sand of São Conrado beach.

Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro
Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Divulgação Best Fly Rio

The flight duration may vary according to the wind conditions on the day, being around 6 to 20 minutes, depending on the conditions.

The minimum age determined by the ANAC to go paragliding in Rio is 14 years old. It is important that the minor (below 18 years old) is accompanied by a parent or guardian, and a photo ID.

Bear in mind that you need to schedule in advance, of approximately 5 days during the high season and 1 day in low season.

How much does it cost to go paragliding in Rio?

The prices for the hang gliding and the paragliding flights in Rio are fixed for all companies and defined by Clube de Voo Livre, therefore, you will not find a lower price than the one informed below. The price forecast for 2023 and 2024 is:

  • R$800 for cash payment.
  • R$880 for payment by card.

The above costs ​​include mandatory insurance + registration fee and may change at any time.

Best Fly Rio flies with 2 cameras to record the experience in Full HD 5 and 4k with GoPro 12 and an Insta 360°. In the amount mentioned above they include as standard GoPro photos and videos (unedited). To receive the images from the Insta 360° camera, the traveler would need to pay an additional and optional cost of R$200, but we can get it for with R$100 discount, that is:

Besides paying the minimum possible rate, you still get the images of the GoPro camera for free, and get a R$100 discount when purchasing the Insta 360° images. Cool huh?!

P.s.1: Note that on Trip Advisor the minimum price charged is R$850 while through our partnership the minimum price is R$800.

P.s.2: The additional optional cost for images of the Insta 360° camera is R$200, but our followers pay R$100.

Why you should fly with Best Fly Rio

I got to know Best Fly Rio through the recommendation of friends who have flown with them, when researching more about them I noticed that it is one of the most experienced companies in the region and, in addition, it has a maximum score on Trip Advisor and also has a super competitive price. After I have added this coupon page, some LMTM followers flew with them and really enjoyed it.

Another point that I found amazing is that they have instructors who speak Portuguese, French and Spanish, so foreigners can go paragliding in Rio de Janeiro with more tranquility and safety.

Speaking of tranquility, remember to wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes during the flight. The use of personal cameras is not allowed, so trust the records made by the Best Fly Rio team, because we got free images for you!

How to get the discount

  • To get your discount is easy! All you need to do is to insert your email in the box below and click on “Book now!” which will take you to Best Fly Rio’s WhatsApp with a message saying that you found them through our website, so they can give you the bonus.

Have fun and send us pictures later! We would love to see them =D

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