Our followers are entitled to get 10% discount to do a Rhino or Elephant Tracking with Etangola Tours in Namibia.

  • To get your discount is easy! All you need to do is to email them by using the email box below mentioning: YOUR NAME, NUMBER OF GUESTS, DESIRED DATE and TOUR.

The 10% discount is applied to their standard rates, which they will inform you by email.

P.s.: For you to have an idea of cost, when I did the trip (June/2018) it was 2,000 Namibian Dollars per day.

I did the Rhino Tracking. As Mr. Burger (the owner) has a lot of knowledge, he taught us a lot about the animals and environment, he also knows very well how to find the rhinos.

The search and surprises made it all a very beautiful experience.

It was a very personalized trip. We could stop anywhere we wanted for photos, we didn’t have the time pressure as big tours usually have.

As we did camp in the middle of nowhere we could see the Milky Way!!! Check some photos on my  Instagram.

Enjoy your time in Namibia =-)

Elaine Villatoro